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Homepage of Heine Broers Home NL Maker
Below you find an index of subjects and pages
This site is about all kind of stuff and is divided in 3 parts
1) Me at home
2) The programming stuff
3) An information desk for the outside world
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Me Myself and I
 How to contact me
 Nice pictures from nature
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 C, C++
 Super Nova / VeraStream
 Visual Basic
 Other languages
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 Text conversions in C++
 List of C functions
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 Getting work
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My information desk
 Medical Knowledge
If something on this site is inconvenient, please let me know
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How to contact me

If you have my mobile number do never leave a voicemail
If you have my telephone number and I'm not at home do leave a message on my answering machine.
The maker of the homepage
Name: Heine Broers
Notification:This page is left simple, because of fast loading and its purpose is to find information quickly from its data.
Like this webdesign
If you contact me, and send me what you want (tiff, gif, jpg) I can comment it to you, and realize it if possible.
Related links
Klik hier: Ankerworld
Included software
List of links
English sites
Harry Bosma (Dreams and HTML-editor)
Interrupt list
Puppylinux from Europe

Dutch sites
Bureau Werkleven
Puppylinux in Nederland
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