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ACCM = Asynchronous Control Character Map
ADSL = Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line
BASIC = Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BGP = Border Gateway Protocol
CASE = Computer Aided Software Engineering
CBD = Component Based Development
CGI = Common Gateway Interface
CIDR = Classless Inter Domain Routing
CORBA = Common ORB Architecture
CSS = Cascade Style Sheet
CUI = Character User Interface
DBMS = Database Management System
DNSSEC = DNS Security
DOM = Document Object Model
DTD = Document Type Definition
EIA = Enterprise Integration Architecture
GPRS = General Packet Radio Service
GUI = Graphical User Interface
HTML = HyperText Markup Language
ICANN = Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers
ICS = Internet Connection Sharing
ICT = Information and Communication Technology
IDAPI = Integrated Database Application Programming Interface
IGMP = Internet Group Management Protocol
IGRP = Internet Gateway Routing Protocol
IIOP = Internet Inter ORB Protocol
IIS = Internet Information Service
IMAP = Internet Mail Access Protocol
IP = Internet Program
IPP = Internet Printing Protocol
IPX = Internet Package Exchange
IESG = Internet Engineering Steering Group (Standarisation)
IETF = Internet Engineering Task Force (Current development)
IRTF = Internet Research Task Force (long term development)
ISDN = Integrated Services Digital Network
MBONE = Multicasting BackBone mbone
MIB = Management Information Base
MIME = Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MRU = Maximum Receive Unit
MTU = Maximum Transmission Unit
NIS = Network Information Service
ODBC = Open DataBase Connectivity
ORB = Open Request Broker
OSPF = Open Shortcut Path First
PHP = pre-processor for HTML Pages
PLC = Programmable Logic Controller
POP = Point of Presence
RFC = Request for Comments/Changes (Must ,Should ,May)
RIP = Routing Information Protocol
RPC = Remote Procedure Call
RTF = Rich Text Format
SCADA = Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SGML = Standard Generalized Markup Language
SHA = Secure Hash Algorith
SLIP = Serial Line Interface Protocol
SMB = Server Message Block
SNMP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SOAP = Simple Object Application Protocol
SPOOL = Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On Line
SPX = Sequenced Packed Exchange
SQL = Structured Query Language
SSL = Secure Sockets Layer
SurfNet = Samenwerkende Universiteiten Rekencentrum Faciliteiten Netwerk
SVG = Scalable Vector Graphics
TACACS = Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
TCP = Transmission Control Protocol
TLI = Transport Layer Interface
UUCP = Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol
UML = Unified Modeling Language
URI = Universal Resource Identifier
URL = Universal Resource Locator
VLSM = Variable Length Subnet Masking
XHTML = Extensible HyperText Markup Language
XML = Extensible Markup Language
XSL = Extensible Stylesheet Language
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