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The RUBIK cube
This describes formules to solve the cube.
When we turn a side to the front of us we have:
  • A Front Side (F)
  • A Left Side (L)
  • A Right Side (R)
  • An Upper Side (T)
When we turn clockwise like the Front we notate: F+ otherwise F-
F2+ means turn Front 2 times clockwise I like to make first the Orange first. This is an easy part which I'm not describing below.
Then I turn the Orange to the bottom and search Further description comes later
Try for second level:
Turn the top level to a good one and turn top away where this block belongs. (T+ or T-)
Turn the side where it belongs to the top (L- or R+)
Turn away top level from the good one (T- or T+)\
Turn back good side (L+ or R+)
Turn back top side, so that Orange comes back above where is belongs (T+ or T-)
Turn Front, so that top Orange block turns to the block wanted (F- or F+)
Turn Top to the right place (T+ or T-)
Turn Front so that Orange comes right (F+ or F-)
Making the top cross
When you see nothing from a Red cross, follow right or top formula below
When you see a horizontal (from left to right) take the right formula
If you see a red block far away and at the left use the top formula
Top formula: F+,R+,T+,R-,T-,F-
Right formula: F+,T+,R+,T-,R-,F-
Cross complete, now turn the blocks of the clock.
Search for a right color and turn to it
Take that color to the left side (turn cube)
Than use: R+,T+,R-,T+,R+,T2+,R- so long as it was right
Set the topcorners at the right place
Search for a corner that is at his right place. If not use a formula below.
Turn that right placed on your Front Right Top.
See if the other must turn clockwise or not.
For clockwise use the left formule for anti-clockwise use the right formula
Put for left the right block at the Front Left Top.
Right: R+,T+,R-,T-,L-,T+,R+,T-,R-,L+
Left: L-,T-,L+,T+,R+,T-,L-,T+,L+,R-
Now all blocks have the right placement and 2 levels are right and we have a red cross at the top.
Turn the top blocks
U can use 1 formula for all, but you have to turn the cube around.
The 2 block at the left side are turned.
Front and at the back must be the same colors than at the left side.
Right formule: 2(R+,T+,R-,T-) L- 2(T+,R+,T-,R-) L+
Then the cube is fixed, congratualations
Note: There are a lot of formules working faster
When you can turn fast, the cube is fixed within 5 minutes.