Problem: not on object on left side Area: Javascript
In non framed versions of html code the following code doesn't really work:
Following code is working with an index from a selection (drop-down box)

function JumpTo() {
  i = document.forms[0].elements[0].selectedIndex;
  window.parent.frames['self'].location = document.forms[0].elements[0].options[i].value;
Called by: <input TYPE="Submit" NAME="Submit" VALUE="Let see" onClick="JumpTo()">

Code can be replace by:
function JumpTo(form) {
  window.location =
Called by: <:input TYPE="Submit" NAME="Submit" VALUE="Let see" onClick="JumpTo(this.form)">

Reason: Some browsers its javascript plugin are more checking for the right code
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When using background-attachment: fixed Area: HTML
background-attachment:fixed will lower your scroll rate
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Cannot see buttons in browser Area: HTML
Some browsers accept buttons only in forms.
Use <FORM>...</FORM>
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CD-Writer does not work properly with Windows XP Area: OS MS-Windows
Writer: Hewlett-Packard 8100
Download HP-DLA from HP
If CD-Writer software from WindowsXP is installed: Uninstall it
Install HP-DLA
If necessary rename the file CDR4VSD.sys to CDR4VSDxx.sys (for example) to get away from the announcement at startup
Format floppy 720K in WindowsXP Area: OS MS-WindowsXP
Solution: Use other software to format
Reason: MicroSoft has skipped this option
Shareware: Alkonost
Show Chineese characters in XP Area: OS MS-Windows
Solution: Search in Google to aruniupd.exe.
Install this to show mandarin chineese.
Converting 64 bit integers Area: OS All
For Linux there is a library stdtime.h
For Windows there is the structure FILETIME with functions for converting to SYSTEMTIME and to 16 bit MSDOS values (date and time)
Installing Tuxpaint on Redhat 8.0 Area: OS RH8.0
Problem with Redhat version 8.0 is that it will not install with the right library.
Use a RPM package with RH80 in it and it will install.
To uninstall and install use the command line (xterm) program rpm.
Citect Transparant IOdevices Area: Citect
Transparant IO devices cannot standard be used in Citect version 6.0.
Solution: Rename in the include project DBF files Transparant to Transparent where it is used for a color
Rename the Cicode files in the include project also the word Transparant to Transparent.
Cannot open USB key Area: OS Linux
Solution: Mount with root the USB key with the following line:
mount -t vfat /dev/sda /mnt/diskonkey
I have used a USB key from DiskOnKey (256 MB)
WindowsXP destroys MBR Area: OS Linux
When I tried to install WindowsXP on the disk with Redhat 8.0 installed, it will not install.
WindowsXP aims diskspace and Linux is using it as an ext3 partiotions.
But: WindowsXP writes unfortenately to the Master Boot Record.

Solution: When Grub installed
Log in as root
start a terminal session and type grub
type the following:
  • root (hd0,0)
  • setup (hd0)
  • quit
Reboot the system and the master boot record is refreshed
Cannot login as root from anothor machine Area: OS Linux
With MySQL I want to login with ODBC to the server with root

Use the querybrowser and go to the mysql database (schema)
Change into the table db the path for localhost to &perc;
Change into the table user the path for localhost to &perc;
Too many items for open as Area: OS Ubuntu 12.04
This has to do with a lot of files in the directory:
All files have the extension: .desktop
Make a new directory there and move the files, which you probably do not need there
I had it with all files added with wine. (The windows emulater for linux)

Use the querybrowser and go to the mysql database (schema)
Change into the table db the path for localhost to &perc;
Change into the table user the path for localhost to &perc;
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