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October 3rd 1998: 3rd fanclub meeting in london! 


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Dr. Gary Drum recently  presented a paper on Beautiful Thing. He kindly agreed to our request to have a copy of his paper on our site. You'll find it here. 
Also you will find a dutch translation here.

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Gavin Koh's report of the june 14 th meet... 

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What is Beautiful Thing?

Beautiful Thing is a film. A film about Jamie and Ste, two lads from Thamesmead, London, who discovered that they like to be a lot more than just friends. The problems they come across during the film are captured by director Hettie MacDonald in a witty, touching and very realistic manner. 

Who are we?

We are a couple of blokes with very strong feelings about Beautiful Thing.Not only because it is a good film, but because it has meant a lot to several of us. We hope the film will help bring encouragement and affirmation to many young people who are going through the same experience as the two boys. We also hope it will bring understanding and support for them from their friends and families. We hope it will make everyone who sees it feel that all the things they want in life are possible.

Some links.

We feel these (mainly dutch) links are definitely worth visiting. 
  • David Moody's Beautiful Thing website (english)  

  • If for any reason you are unable to follow this ling, or any other on this site, please drop us a line, Tell us which link is not working, the error-report you are getting, whom your provider is, and when you tried to follow the link. That gives us some means to convince Davie we should have a mirror of his site. 
  • The Internet Movie Database. (english) For all those people that like to know all there is to know about films, this is a huge database with info on every film you could possibly think of. If it's a slow link, try the US site.
  • The Boys4Boys homepage . Boys4Boys is a fidonet-style network , partially targeted for the same audience we are aiming at. This is a dutch site. And don't forget to visit the homepage of the designer!


What are we having in store?

  • We want to provide a means of communication for all those people who have something to say after seeing the movie. We intend to do that by building the dutch equivalent of the english mailing-list, and want to provide yet another opportunity for people to connect to the original mailing-list. 
  • We intend to build a mirror of the english website by David Moody. Mainly because some of the dutch free internet providers do not allow access to sites outside of the Netherlands.
  • We want to try to become an intermediate between David Moddy's merchandise and the dutch buyers. We want to do this to try and reduce shipping-costs, probably by trying to place bulk-orders and taking up stock on the most wanted items.
  • We intend to offer the newsgroup alt.movies.beautiful-thing on these pages, and are currently working on the newsgroup becoming availiable on our public NNTP server, since there still is no public NNTP server that we know of, carrying the newsgroup.
  • We want to try to reach as many people as we can, and keep them informed of whatever is going on involving the movie. On June 14 1997 there has been a gathering in London, where we met several other people like us with very much interrest in the film, and we visited some of the filmed locations. Pictures and a report will be featured on this site shortly.
  • And finally we want INPUT. So, if you have something you want to share with us, let us know about it. All the information we can get will be appreciated. If it's about the website, the links, the fanclub, the film, it does not matter, we want you to tell us all about it.


Want to know more? 

Of course you want to know more, otherwise you probably wouldn't have read this far. At this moment we are working very hard to get this site up and running. We are aware that the information on the site is far from complete, but we would not want to put things on the site that are not completely finished. So, you can always write us a note, preferrably by e-mail. Iif you are willing to participate in the fanclub please let us know, we sure could do with a bit of extra help. So don't hesitate anly longer, write to us! The address is at the bottom of this page.


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