Our IRC channel (#BT-fan-nl) is open to everyone. It is intended for all those who want to chat about the film, exchange files, and to leave personal/private messages for eachother.

IRC? what's that?

IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. To be able to 'do' IRC, you will need what is called an IRC client. This is a program which enables you to connect to an IRC channel, allowing you to chat. There are a lot of IRC clients around, but we believe mIRC is the most commonly used program. So, if thsi would be your first time on IRC, you probably would want to download mIRC since that is the program we and many others could help you with, if needed. 
Download mIRC here!
Click on the operating-system
your computer is using.
Windows 3.X

Configuring mIRC

To connect to our IRC channel, you'll have to download some software first, unless you already own an IRC-client like mIRC. 
Click on of the links in the paragraph above to download the mIRC version suitable for your system and start the EXE-file you will get. This will unpack and install the program for you. 

Once mIRC has been installed you'll have to do a bit of configuring. We cannot provide you with an extensive manual here, but the internal help of mIRC is excellent, so you'll be just fine.

mIRC Setup

Below is a copy of the setup window mIRC is most likely to provide you with. Hieronder staat een afdruk van het setup venster van mIRC. Dit scherm verschijnt nadat je mIRC gestart hebt, en eventueel het shareware venster hebt weggeklikt. 


Adjust the settings according to the image above and click  'Connect to IRC server!' Obviously at this time you will need to have an active connection to the internet for this to work, so this might be a good time to dialup.

How do I join the channel?

If you have gotten this far, it's only a small step to joining the channel you want to chat on. Once you've clicked the  'Connect to IRC server!' button, a status-window will appear, informing you of the progress of the connection. You might get a message telling you to choose a different server, if so, go to [file] and then [setup] to choose a different server from the drop-down box. 
Remember to choose a DALnet server.. 

If all goes well, you'll have a message in the status window telling you which nick has been used to connect you to IRC.  

The final step is joining a (the) channel. Type  /join #BT-fan-nl 
in the input-box of the status-window and another window will open. Now you are 'on the channel' 

Everything you type now, will be seen by the others on the channel, provided you are not on your own on the channel. The current channel-members are listed in the window on the right. If you were to be on your own, the best thing you can do is wait for a while to see if someone else will be joining you. 
You could join another channel if you'd like. You could visit #coming-out or, two channels owned by members of the fanclub, or join #Beautiful-Thing, the english channel for BT-fans all over the world. 
Simply type /join [channelname] to join the channel. Remember to prefix the channelname with a hash (#). 


NICK: the name you'll be using on IRC. 

/join: the command to join a channel. 

#Coming-Out and are two mainly dutch channels, maintained by members of the fanclub.. 
#Coming-Out is a channel for people who want to talk about their (pending) coming-out is the decent equivalent or IRCnet's 

#Beautiful-Thing is the official english channel for Beautiful Thing. The fanclub is a regular on that channel.

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