Ben Daniels on IRC, the logfile...

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<maserati> I was in paris last weekend 
<maserati> i love it there 
<BenD> I'm in Paris now!! 
<Jeffo> BEND! 
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<maserati> Salut! 
<BenD> Salut!! 
<maserati> Tu es français? 
<BenD> suis anglais 
<maserati> moi aussi 
<BenD> haha 
<maserati> stupid to talk french then! 
<Jeffo> Now, are you *the* Ben D? 
<maserati> :) 
*** gavvy is on IRC 
<BenD> yep Jeffo 
<maserati> why *the*? 
<Jeffo> you have a new film coming out. 
<BenD> thought I'd just pop in 
<maserati> are you famous? 
<BenD> yep 
<BenD> filming another here 
<Jeffo> i read about the rights being sold in N. America 
<maserati> aha 
<BenD> for Simoom? 
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<Jeffo> Yes.  
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Gavvy 
<Gavvy> Back. 
<Gavvy> Wow! 
<BenD> right 
<maserati> where'd you go? 
-> *gavvy* this is BEN DANIELS 
<CALM> WB Gavvy 
<BenD> well spotted 
<Gavvy> That's a LOT more people than when I got off! 
<maserati> :) 
<Gavvy> Where did you all come from??? 
<Gavvy> You're Ben Daniels? 
<BenD> yeha 
<Gavvy> Oh Hi Ben! 
<BenD> Hi Gavvy!! 
<Jeffo> Ben, you know 20 of us just visited London and paid homage to Beautiful  
<Gavvy> It's been a long time! 
<BenD> yeah I heard 
<Jeffo> Sorry we missed up. 
<BenD> you crazy things!! 
<Jeffo> missed you, even 
<Gavvy> Yeah. 
<Gavvy> Dedicated. 
<BenD> I'll say 
<Jeffo> well, who needs to eat, pay the mortgage. why not just travel? 
<BenD> haha 
<Jeffo> so, what you are you filming in Paris? 
<maserati> why not! 
<BenD> it's called Madeline 
<maserati> what's it about? 
<BenD>  an American kids movie 
<Gavvy> It's been so long since you last came on, I thought I frightened you off,  Ben. 
<maserati> oh 
<BenD> based on the childrens books of the same name 
<BenD> no Gavvy 
<maserati> :) 
<Gavvy> You get to play the mandatory Englishman? 
<Gavvy> Posh accent and all? 
<BenD> yeah.....of course I'm the baddie 
<BenD> no not this time 
<Gavvy> Are you the villain? 
<Gavvy> Seems like the villains in all American movies have English accents... 
<BenD> i'm roughing it in this one 
<maserati> Yeah i noticed that too 
<BenD> they're the best parts 
<Jeffo> Star Wars. All the imperials... British. Hee hee 
<maserati> heheh 
<Jeffo> When is the release of your pic in the US? 
<BenD> Ithink March 
<BenD> maybe Feb 
<Jeffo> a friend had forwarded a Variety article on it.  
<Jeffo> that someone had purchased the right N. American rights.  
<BenD> yeah....the 1st one 
<BenD> yeah Newline 
<Jeffo> great.  Now, if we can get Scott Neal's new movie released here, we'll all be happy campers... Yours and Scott's, sigh 
<BenD> so it should get a good release 
<BenD> haha 
* Gavvy grins. 
* Gavvy yawns big and loud. 
<Jeffo> sorry to be boring you, gav! 
<Gavvy> No. 
<Gavvy> It's Davie's fault. 
<Jeffo> we had a few people visit Paris.   
<Gavvy> You know he came round last night? 
<Jeffo> How *bad* are you in the movie, Ben? 
<BenD> BT is still showing here 
<BenD> like REALLY bad 
<Jeffo> Really?  We can only get it in pan and scan video. 
<Gavvy> He called at about 11:30p.m. to say he was in a telephone booth opposite  my room window. 
<maserati> BT was showing at the cinema in July here in Luxembourg 
<Gavvy> I didn't get to sleep till 5 a.m. 
<BenD> I kidnap the kids and take them off to the circus 
<Jeffo> obviously to be *in* the circus, not watch. :)   
<Gavvy> Wow!  Sounds kind of like Enid Blyton. 
<Jeffo> You seem to be the most visible of the BT cast.   
<Jeffo> I see John Benfield from time to time.  
<Gavvy> I think the poor boys are afraid of getting raped. 
<Jeffo> and we don't get London Bridge in the states, for Glen. 
<BenD> visible?? 
<Jeffo> well, i mean, your work is most available in the states. 
<BenD> right 
<Gavvy> I know that if I knew where Glen Berry lived, I'd stalk him. 
<BenD> haha 
<Gavvy> So it's probably a good thing. 
<Jeffo> King David, Lost Language... your next movie... 
<Jeffo> We tried to stalk Ben, but... well, he was gone. 
<Jeffo> :) 
<Gavvy> Oh yeah!  I never knew it was you in Lost Language of the Cranes! 
<Gavvy> Fancy that! 
<BenD> i didnt see king david......nice wig eh? 
<Jeffo> Robin! 
<Gavvy> You look VERY different. 
<BenD> I'm impressed 
<Jeffo> at least you weren't dumped in LLC 
<Gavvy> I think you look better with long hair, actually. 
<BenD> iw a soriginally 
<Gavvy> And of course I go for anyone with a goatee... 
<Jeffo> oh, true.  
<Jeffo> i guess... 
<BenD> my hair is really short at the moment 
<Jeffo> really?   
* Jeffo swoons 
<BenD> and my face is goatee free 
* Gavvy shakes his head at Jeff. 
<Gavvy> Ouch. 
<Gavvy> Not nice. 
<Gavvy> I'm trying to convince my current boyfriend to grow one, but he refuses. 
<Jeffo> i like short hair. 
<BenD> Simoom my hair is really long 
<BenD> with facial hair too!! 
<BenD> and clothes free!!!! 
<Gavvy> I really fancied you in BT. 
<maserati> wow 
<Gavvy> But I thought you were pretty ugly in Lost Language. 
<Gavvy> But Jeffo disagrees. 
<Jeffo> NO! 
<BenD> HAHA 
<Gavvy> But there you go. 
<Jeffo> You do well at playing sympathetic characters. It will be hell to see you play a baddie 
<BenD> well i guess i cant pass comments on what you look like Gav 
<Jeffo> ben, i've met him in person. 
<Jeffo> he's ok 
<Jeffo> :) 
<BenD> your spelling's pretty good though 
<Gavvy> You can have my pic if you like. 
<Gavvy> I've got no illusions about my looks. 
<Gavvy> Gah. 
<Jeffo> actually, the whole BT lot on Saturday was pretty dang cute 
<Gavvy> Thanks Ben! 
<Jeffo> Dutch boys, Americans, Singaporeans, and the Brits 
<Gavvy> You flatterer you. 
<BenD> haha 
<Gavvy> I thought Martijn was the cutest of the lot. 
<Jeffo> Flattery will get you everywhere with Gav. But then... most anything will... 
<Gavvy> He doesn't look ANYTHING like the pics he sent. 
<Gavvy> He looks 1000 times better in real life. 
<Gavvy> And a wonderful personality. 
<BenD> how was Tahmesmead? 
* Gavvy is going to dream of Martijn tonight. 
<Jeffo> very cold and wet the first day. 
<Jeffo> we went back on Sunday... just the Americans. It was sunny and warmer 
<BenD> you stayed more than 1 day??? 
<Jeffo> we felt cheated. 
<BenD> I've often felt cheated in Thamesmead 
<Jeffo> i didn't travel 4,600 miles to have it rain on my BT parade! 
<Jeffo> i bet... 
<BenD> taht's England jeffo 
<Jeffo> well, it was pretty quiet on Sunday. We chatted wif a nice woman who's  
  lived there for 22 years. 
<Jeffo> she told us about the filming. 
<Jeffo> from her perspective. 
<BenD> like a real nuisance 
<Jeffo> i bet... 
<Jeffo> she just remembered the big lights.  
<Jeffo> she said, "Oh, that was about a relationship, wasn't it?" 
<BenD> that was the line we were told to give 
<Jeffo> funny ... and interesting... that she didn't say gay relationship 
* Gavvy grins. 
<Gavvy> How sweet of her! 
<BenD> we didnt want a riot 
<Jeffo> well, i tell people it's a British romance. 
<Jeffo> and if they want to know more... so be it 
<BenD> that was the line we were told to give 
<Gavvy> But of course it's true, isn't it? 
<Jeffo> yes, it's not a lie 
<BenD> absolutely 
* Gavvy sighs. 
<Gavvy> You realise Ben, that this is the first time we've actually talked about BT  
   in MONTHS> 
<Gavvy> We normally talk about each other. 
<Gavvy> We're not always this sad. 
<BenD> It's got THAT close eh?? 
<Jeffo> oh, not really, gav. actually, we chatted a lot earlier today 
<Jeffo> it's like a soap opera on here, Ben.  
<BenD> I can imagine 
<Gavvy> But visiting Thamesmead for the first time was a catharsis. 
<BenD> IRC is graet for that 
<Jeffo> if we all lived in one city, it would be "As the Stomach Turns" 
<BenD> was there weeping? 
<Gavvy> And I'm not out... 
<Gavvy> ...not yet anyway. 
<Jeffo> hard to tell... we were all wet! 
<Jeffo> no, just a lot of looking.   
<BenD> haha 
* Gavvy peers at Jeff. 
<Gavvy> So people talk about me? 
<Jeffo> i was struck by the compactness of everything... and the architecture.  so spartan and concrete. 
* Gavvy wonders if his life is like a soap opera. 
<BenD> hideous  
<Jeffo> gav, this whole channel is a harlequin. 
<BenD> in abeautiful kind of way 
<Jeffo> it's quite dirty and getting very rundown, but still it has a homeyness to it 
<Gavvy> Right, Jeff. 
* Gavvy trundles off to look up the word 'harlequin' 
<Jeffo> harlequin romance... maybe not the right phrase. 
<maserati> face it, its a load of old concrete 
<Jeffo> All My Children... Melrose Place...  
<Jeffo> that's more like it 
<Gavvy> It's ugly. 
<maserati> yep 
<Gavvy> But Marc loves it. 
<Gavvy> I don't understand it myself. 
<Jeffo> Actually, they had to make it look dirty in Clockwork Orange... and it was fairly new then 
<BenD> who's Marc? 
<Gavvy> After living in Singpore for 21 years, I think I've had enough of high rise  flats and concrete thankyouverymuch 
<Jeffo> Marc, editor of the Thamesmead Gazette, the online paper 
<BenD> right 
<Jeffo> my city just destroyed the closest thing to Thamesmead. and for good reason. 
<Gavvy> Oh?  The dirtified the place just for the movie? 
<BenD> where else did you go? 
<Gavvy> I should think so, Jeff! 
<Jeffo> The Gloucester, of course. 
<Gavvy> The Gloucester of course! 
<BenD> of course!! 
<Jeffo> We saw Greenwich... I toured Westminster Abbey 
* Gavvy grins. 
<Gavvy> I didn't get to dance in the woods, though. 
<maserati> all the usual stuff..? 
<BenD> i dont remember the WA scene Jeffo 
<Jeffo> we walked thought Abbey Wood.  A lovely place, tho I know it wasn't the right place 
<Jeffo> Oh, that's in the sequel! 
* Jeffo turns red 
<BenD> Glen in a big white dress? 
<Gavvy> Gosh!  Harlequin means demon! 
<Jeffo> yes! 
<BenD> thsi channel is DEMON 
<Jeffo> uh, we saw Stars nightclub, where Sandra goes after she dumps you. 
* Gavvy laughs! 
<Jeffo> erm, dumps Tony. 
<BenD> haha 
<Gavvy> He looks alright in a white cook's outfit! 
* Jeffo can distinguish between fact and fiction. 
<Jeffo> sometimes 
<Gavvy> Yeah!  It's all on the 180 bus route! 
<BenD> class 
<Jeffo> Robie, my traveling companion, got to see Glen for about three seconds on Carlton 
<Gavvy> I still haven't seen Abbey Wood either. 
<Jeffo> but he wasn't on this week's episode 
<maserati> bye everyone 
*** maserati ( has left #beautiful-thing 
<Jeffo> bye, maserati/danny/alfa 
<BenD> bye mas 
<Jeffo> We were too tired to make it to Oxleas Woods 
<Jeffo> so, do you actually keep a residence in London, bd? 
<BenD> you'd have all been mugged 
<BenD> or arreseted 
<BenD> yep 
<Jeffo> oh, why? 
<BenD> i'm missing home 
<Jeffo> how long you in Paris? 
<BenD> i've been away too long 
<BenD> only a month 
<Gavvy> Oh?  Oxleas wood that interesting a place? 
* Gavvy thinks he really ought to make it to Oxleas Wood 
<BenD> so tales tell 
<Jeffo> Funny, the Tmead woman recoiled when we said we were staying in  
  Brixton. The Brixton keeper of our hotel recoiled when we said we were going to Thamesmead. 
<Jeffo> the reverse of the grass is greener, i guess 
<BenD> the british recoil a lot 
<Jeffo> hee hee 
<Gavvy> Gosh! 
<Jeffo> Brixton wasn't bad at all. 
<Jeffo> Neither was Thamesmead. 
* Gavvy doesn't like London except to visit. 
<Gavvy> Too damned expensive. 
<BenD> I live quite near Brixton 
<Gavvy> I didn't think Thamesmead was that, actually. 
<Jeffo> as i was warned, my money flowed like blood. 
<Gavvy> that bad. 
<BenD> I love Sth London 
<Gavvy> Yes! 
<Jeffo> we pretty much stayed in south and central london 
<Gavvy> Nah...I'd buy myself a place in Kensington any day. 
<Jeffo> Brixton is a nice mix of ethnic groups 
<BenD> well yeah obviously if I was really rich i would too 
<Gavvy> Oh.  I'm the only one who stayed in that B&B next to the  
   Gloucester...EVEN THOUGH I got a double bed. 
*** daveykins ( has joined #Beautiful-Thing 
<Gavvy> Hi Davey! 
<Jeffo> speaking of Kensington, i did make it to the Palace to pay homage to Diana 
<daveykins> Lo 
<Jeffo> Hi, David. 
<Gavvy> You did? 
<daveykins> Lo -all 
<Gavvy> I think Adam Cooper did too. 
<Jeffo> Yes, there are still flowers in the gates. 
<BenD> i cant find the underpass here 
*** CALM has quit IRC (Leaving) 
<Gavvy> I walked him to Hyde Park on the way to Gloucester Road from Charing   Cross. 
<BenD> every time i go under one i think of her though 
<Jeffo> Sad.   
<Gavvy> She was very beautiful... 
<Jeffo> Visiting Westminster Abbey was strange. To know that a billion people  watched that place just a few weeks ago... not to mention the centuries of  coronations, funerals,  
<BenD> it's an amazing building 
-> *daveykins* This is Ben Daniels. Join in! 
*** Martijn19 ( has joined #Beautiful-THing 
<Jeffo> MARTIJN! 
<Martijn19> Haya Everybody 
<daveykins> It was a great fairwell tho... 
<Jeffo> How you doing, martijn? 
<Martijn19> Haya everybody 
<Martijn19> I'm doing fine 
<BenD> hi martijn 
<Martijn19> still a bit down of the great meeting and having to elt you all go 
<Gavvy> I'd never be an actor. 
<Martijn19> Hi BenD??? 
<Gavvy> Can't keep a straight face. 
<Jeffo> martijn, ben daniels 
<Jeffo> ben daniels, martijn 
<Martijn19> Is it! 
<Gavvy> Martijn! 
<BenD> is this the aforemenioned martijn? 
<daveykins> Hello 
<Jeffo> this would be him 
<Gavvy> YUP! 
<Gavvy> The CUTE one! 
<Martijn19> LOL 
<BenD> you have a few fans here martijn 
* Gavvy grins maniacally! 
<Gavvy> I'm getting screenfulls at a time. 
<Gavvy> This is ridiculous. 
<daveykins> I got as far as being auditioned as a TV presenter ... almost 
<Martijn19> I see 
<Martijn19> I'm a radio presenter 
<Jeffo> i know i wouldn't want to actually ever see you, martijn.   
<Jeffo> :) 
<Jeffo> So, how long left in France, BD? 
* Martijn19 is in love 
<BenD> i return to England next weekfor a few days then i'm back 
<Jeffo> hey, what other pics have you been in lately? 
<Jeffo> For Simoom go by another name? 
<BenD> did 2 eps of Silent Witness  
*** Gavvy has quit IRC ( 
<BenD> yeha A Passon In The Desert 
<Jeffo> i found the email... that's it... that's the one from Variety 
<Jeffo> TELLURIDE, Colo. (Variety) - Fine Line Features, in its first acquisition  out 
<Jeffo> of the Telluride Film Festival, has gulped down North American rights to 
<Jeffo> ``Passion in the Desert,'' the feature film directing debut of Lavinia 
<Jeffo> Currier. Pic stars British actor Ben Daniels (Beautiful Thing) and French 
<Jeffo> thesp Michel Piccoli (Belle de Jour). Currier directed, produced and  co-wrote 
<Jeffo> the pic, based on the 19th-century Balzac novella. Story follows a young 
<Jeffo> officer in Napoleon's Egyptian campaign in 1798. The soldier is stranded in 
<Jeffo> the desert and must deal with a wild leopard.  
<Martijn19> Didn;t i saw you last in Holland on Telly, you were sitting at a dish  with some people and they left without paying, it was a serie  
<Jeffo> sorry to flood. 
<BenD> yeah martijn 
<BenD> called Truth Or Dare 
<Martijn19> I was watching and he......i saw it.... 
<Martijn19> its you 
<BenD> yeah Jeffo the very same 
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Gavvy 
<Martijn19> sorry you wasn;t there last weekend 
<Martijn19> It was great 
<Gavvy> This blasted connexion. 
<BenD> I actually fall in love with her 
<Martijn19> you missed a lott of fun with everybody 
*** Gavvy is now known as DishyChris 
<daveykins> I wish I could have made it to. 
<BenD> i'vebeen hearing 
* DishyChris growls grumpily. 
<BenD> well guys i gotta go.....up early and lines not yet learnt!! 
<BenD> good chatting with you 
<Jeffo> well, we could chat again.  
<daveykins> Hey, you will be back? 
<Jeffo> glad, even 
<BenD> yeah....sometime 
<daveykins> :-) 
<DishyChris> Goodnight, Ben. 
<BenD> goodnight all 
<Jeffo> take care.   
<Martijn19> Bye Bye 
<daveykins> G'night. 
<BenD> night 
<Jeffo> We shall await all your pics 
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