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  Once again BT fanclub will meet in London on June 13/14 1998  

  June 13/14 will be another memorable weekend for all the members of the fanclub, and all those other people feeling affilliated with Beautiful Thing. There will be a huge gathering to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the general release of BT. Click the link to the right of this article to get details on the meeting and how to participate.

Click here for details!

  Renowned dutch gay magazine brings report on fan-meet in London.  

  Expreszo, a renowned dutch magayzine features an article on the dutch BT fanclub. It tells the story of the fanclub visiting London, last October, and is based on a report sent to the magazine by Martijn and André. 
For those of you who read dutch, or those of you who collect virtually everything there is to collect, BT wise, we have put a link to the article to the right of this column. We thank Expreszo for their permission to dupe the article on our website.
Expreszo Article on BT-fan-meet in London. 
(language: dutch)

  Dutch video released!  

  On the 23rd of October Cienemien/Homescreen, the dutch distributor for BT finally released the dutch subtitled Beautiful Thing video. It appears to have taken them quite a while, but we're very pleased they finally delivered a perfect product.  

  Fanclub visits Thamesmead in London  

  On the 11th of October 9 members of the fanclub visited the Thamesmead East area and The Gloucester in Greenwich (London), some of the area's where Beautiful Thing was created. 
At this moment work is underway to translate a few reports of this meeting, If available, a link will be provided to the right of this text..

  Ben Daniels visits the IRC channel during stay in PARIS.  

  A few days ago Ben Daniels made a surprise visit to our Chatroom on DALnet IRC (#Beautiful-Thing) 
The logfile has been captured and can be read by following the link on the right...
Read the logfile

  Start Mailing-lists.  

  The mailing lists which we announced a couple of day ago are currently operational. If you want to subscribe, just click on the link on the right Click here  for more information on the mailing lists


  On the DALnet IRC service we have registered the  cannel #BT-fan-nl. It is now open to the public  Click here  for more information on IRC

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