.WAV files extracted from the film.
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Below you will find a selection of WAV files
These files contain parts of the movie Beautiful Thing.
All copyrights remain with their respective owners.
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BALLS.WAV Teacher: 'Balls, Mr Bennet!' 44.270
BBLSQUEK.WAV Leah: 'Don't that make you fart, Bubble 'n Squeak?' 
Ste: 'Only if you've got a fat arse...'
ELLO1.WAV Ste: ' 'ello' 3.781
ELLO2.WAV Jamie: ' 'ello' 5.455
EVRYPUKA.WAV Ste: 'Nuffing's happened yeah, I'm allright, I'm pukka, 
everyfing's..., everyfing's pukka.'
FOUNTAIN.WAV Jamie: '... her, the fountain of all knowledge.' 
Sandra: 'Yeah well...'
FUCKME.WAV Ste: 'Fuck me...' 10.644
FUNYTHAT.WAV Sandra: 'Oh, funny that...' 14.892
FUNYTHA2.WAV Jamie: 'Yeah, funny that...' 14.749
GOINGNOW.WAV Jamie: 'I'm going now...' 8.652
HAPYWITU.WAV Jamie: '...very happy, I'm happy when I'm wiv you...' 27.837
HELOHELO.WAV Ste: ' 'ello' 
Jamie: ' 'ello'
IMAQUEER.WAV Jamie to Sandra: 'Im a queer, a bender, pufta, knobshiner, brownhatter(?), shirtflaplifter...' 66.534
IRABOMB.WAV Sandra: 'IRA bomb?' 23.514
LABOTOM.WAV Sandra to Jamie: 'You're so clever, aint ya. Well, just remember I gave you those brains so think of...' 
Jamie: 'Oh, I thought you had a labotomy...' 
Sandra to Tony: 'What did he say?' 
Tony: 'Well, labotomy is like whe....' 
Sandra: 'Yes, I know what it means, tony...'
LEAHLAFF.WAV Leah laughing after she just told her mom she's a lesbienne. 61.754
LESFUK.WAV Teacher: 'eh, Less fucking and more attention please!...' 79.982
LIKAHAWK.WAV Ste: 'It's bubble 'n squeak, Leah, you can't leave bubble 'n squeak, gotta watch it, like a hawk...' 44.060
LIKEDAD.WAV Jamie to Sandra after fight: 'Am I like my dad?' 
Sandra: 'No..., you're like me.' 
Jamie: 'How am I weird....' 
Sandra: '...just give it a rest, Jamie (christ)...' 
Jamie: '...you've said it...' 
Sandra: 'You are allright, okay? ...so you got me for a mother, but who said life was easy... you are... you're alright...'
LOTION.WAV Jamie: 'Peppermint Footlotion...' 17.019
OFFAST.WAV Jamie to Tony: '...like that my mom, goes off things, fast...' 
(Tony laughs) 
Jamie: '...she might go off you, won't be laughing then, will 'ya...'
PHONE.WAV Jamie: 'That'll be the phone...' 
Sandra: 'Well it wouldn't be the bloody hooverbag, would it...'
PRETYHAT.WAV Jamie to Ste after Ste has given him his present: 
'..my, what a pretty hat... It's the prettiest hat I ever did see, master Stephen, does this mean we're engaged?'
PYROS.WAV Jamie to Sandra: '...fundamentalist muslim pyromaniacs...' 21.924
SEEYA.WAV Leah: 'Seeya later!' 8.924
SHAG.WAV Gina to Ste on Tavvy-bridge: 'I suppose a shag's outa the question then...' 24.437
SHUTUP.WAV Jamie: '...oh shut up...!' 10.302

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