The Discus

Should you ever find yourself near Leerdam (Holland), be sure to visit The Discus.
That's a fish/herp club which has 40 tanks set up permanently, including (at the moment) black-tip sharks, a large muray eel, lots of cichlids, archerfish, piranhas, arowanas, lionfish, ribbon snakes, garter snakes, rat snakes, a green iguana, a green basilisk, turtles and MUCH more...

They are open at Sundays 9-5. Check out The Discus Homepage or email for info.


The Tilburg Herpetological Society

The Tilburg Herpelogical Society unites a growing number of terrarium-keepers mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium, especially keepers of snakes and tortoises. Our members are proud if they not only keep their animals in a responsable way, but also succeed in breeding them.

Meetings of The Tilburg Herpelogical Society are held in De Oliemeulen

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