11 August 1999 from Creative Brainwave Website

Why Astrologers Shrink From Total Eclipse 1999

It is a sunny morning. The birds sing. But no man is on the street. They all lie on bed with the blankets pulled over their heads. Because the astrologers said to do so.
It is August 11th 1999. The Moon darkening the Sun isn't the only event in the sky. Almost all planets in our solar system take part in this cosmic farewell-party of the second millennium.
Even an amateur-astrologer immediately will see something weird is going on when he sets eyes on the horoscope of the 1999 solar eclipse. The main aspect of this horoscope is what astrologers call the square. This means two planets make an angle of 90 degrees. This can be between 86 and 94 degrees for this kind of horoscopes (birth-horoscopes can between 82 and 98 degrees). There are 13 squares and opposites (180 degrees) in this horoscope:

Sun Square Mars
Moon Square Mars
Sun Opposite Uranus
Moon Opposite Uranus
Sun Square Saturn
Moon Square Saturn
Mars Opposite Saturn
Mars Square Uranus
Saturn Square Uranus
Mercury Square Jupiter
Mercury Opposite Neptune
Jupiter Square Neptune
Venus Square Pluto

Dancing Stars

Squares and Opposites are called 'disharmonic aspects'. Most of the time, a horoscope is a balance between harmonic and disharmonic elements. In this horoscope however, only one harmonic aspect is present! This is Venus Trine Jupiter (120 degrees).
This means this constellation will trigger an enormous amount of energy. But because all planets except Venus and Pluto are in the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, this will not be an active way of making energy. It is rather a passive way of receiving energy. As if mankind is subjected to some kind of major event.

Dancing Stars

Where will this stupid nonsense take place?

18 Degrees 3 minutes eastern longitude is where the eclipse exactly take place at 12:00 hour. The geographic place on this line that is the most important spot political speaking is Jugoslavia.