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Remarkable indication:
Nostradamus predicts Cassini will cause
doomsday in 1999

In the year 1999 and 7 months
A great King or terror will come from the sky
To evoke the great King of Angolmois from death
Before and after Mars will rule in prosperity.

Cassini-probe profile:

Launch-date: 15 October 1997
Passage through Earth-atmosphere: 18 August 1999
Luggage: some equipment and 33 kg of plutonium
Destination: Hopefully Saturn
Destination according to Nostradamus: Earth

The Cassini-probe, which NASA has planned to send to Saturn, contains that much plutonium that mankind will be in danger, critics warn. Nonsense, NASA says, chances of an accident are very small.

Nostradamus' candles burned out in 1566, but his verses never will. He wrote 1,000 of them. In these verses he predicts the future of mankind in a very cryptic way. That is true for most of his verses...

On board the Cassini-probe carries 33 kg of the highly poisonous plutonium. 15 October 1997 a Titan-rocket has brought the space-vehicle on its way towards Saturn.
Never in history that much plutonium was sent into space.
NASA says that, based on their calculations, the chance of contamination of parts of the Earth during the passage is neglectibly small. K. Grossman, professor journalism of the State University in New York doesn't believe a word of it. 'That pr-guys lie till they're black in the face'.

Nostradamus wasn't cryptical all the time. A few of his verses are actually dated. His most famous one points to August 1999 (Julian Calendar).

You don't easily come near Saturn. So NASA invented a trick. The Titan-rocket sends the probe towards Venus. The gravity-field of Venus will give the probe a higher speed and pushes it back to Earth.
Next it's the gravity of Earth that will give the probe more speed. Two year after launch the machine will pass Earth at incredible speed within an incredible short distance, 729 miles (1173 km). Its course is bend off by the Earth's gravitation, before the probe will head to Jupiter and Saturn.

It is remarkable that Nostradamus refers to August 1999: in this month a total solar eclipse is visible in Western Europe.

The probe will approach Earth at a speed of 10 miles per second. Accurate manoeuvres have to be made to make such a close passage possible.
Grossman: 'Just think about it. The risk-calculators of NASA are the Pinocchio's of the space-bureaucracy. NASA comes out with all kind of impressive figures, but the space-organisation is known to be a poor calculator. For instance take the accident of the Spaceshuttle Challenger in 1986. Before the accident happened chances were 1 to 100.000. After new calculations the chance was 1 to 78.'

What will happen when this total solar eclipse darkens Western Europe in

11 August 1999?

Nostradamus says: ... A great king of terror will come from the sky.

When will the Cassini-probe passes Earth at a distance of 1173 km? The date is set to

18 August 1999!

P.S. Count back 666 days from the total solar eclipse in August 1999. What do you get? It's the launch-date of Cassini...

Gee, I like to react to this!


I've been trying to tell people this since 1997, but as usual, deaf ears. She was built strong and tuff, but how will she weather her course through LEONID METEOR SHOWER this November? That tale of Temple-Tuttle is long.

Dear Felix Caterpillar,

That would make alot of sense.
If the Cassini probe did fall back to Earth and cause environmental problems as a result, what would happen?
Simple: Nostradamus's third Antichrist (Mabus as most people call him) would blame the United States for the incident. He would get pissed and possibly start a war with us. He'd easily have allies (Saddam Hussein for example... not to mention the other countries who would agree with him in blaming the US for the disaster.) That would lead to Nostradamus's 29 year WWIII...
Wow... it's scary to think that the US could actually be linked with the Third World War...
War Lord

Dear Felix Caterpillar,

As Nostradamus lived in the time when the Julian Calendar was in use and the Gregorian Calendar was in use only as of October 1582, is it not conceivable that Nostradamus' prediction dates were Julian dates? Can we be certain that the dates given in Nostradamus' predictions have already been converted to Gregorian dates?

As Nostradamus did not specify the exact day of the "seventh month" 1999 (which I believe is a Julian date) and as an ominous eclipse will occur in August 1999 ( which is a Gregorian date), I tend to favor August instead of July as the month when that terrible event is supposed to occur.

With help from, the following were obtained:

Julian Date
1st July 1999
7th July 1999
15th July 1999
22nd July 1999
29th July 1999
31st July 1999

Gregorian Date
14th July 1999
20th July 1999
28th July 1999
4th August 1999
11th August 1999
13th August 1999 (which happens to be a Friday)

Most likely, Nostradamus meant 31st July 1999 which corresponds to our 13th August 1999?
K. Richnorth

Dear Felix Caterpillar,

This is absolutely the most terrifying thing I have ever read.Even more terrifying, I'm sitting here trembling because I think that the Cassini probe is one of those real end-time terrors we have been warned of, both in Revelation and by Nostradamus. This is why:
The number 9 is a very unique number, for a several interesting reasons:
First of all, for purposes of prophetic importance, 6+6+6=18. 1+8= 9. (9 would be an obvious number to use as a key number for the calculating of the number and name of the Beast of Revelation). All of the numbers, 123456789, when added together, equal 45, which reduces to 9 (4+5)
The number 9 always returns to itself when multiplied by any other number-
for example,
9X9=81 , 8+1=9........ 9X5=45 , 4+5=9 and in addition, any number added to 9 remains the same-
7+9=16, 6+1=7. It is the highest of our numbers, all the other numberes being merely a repeating of the first 9. Keeping the mystical significance of this number in mind,and using it as a base for our alphabet, calculating A=9 B=18 C=27 adding 9 to every succeeding letter. Now that you have your KEY, take the name CASSINI and calculate its number! 666!!
If anyone else has any insights into the prophetical significance of Cassini, I would love to hear from you. I am collecting as much information as I can on this subject.
Lois Hood

Dear Felix Caterpillar,

I found your interpretation to be well thought out and inciteful. Now I know why I had such feelings of trepidation when the probe with plutonium on board was launched.
It is good to have validation of these intuitive feelings.
Morgana's Observatory