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Dutch Tales

Click to one of the following titles. Behind it remarkable stories conceal. The Principa Creativa Intensiva distinguishes these stories and reading them on a regular base will widen the view on life, improve the state of mind as a whole and raise the telephone-bill.
Of course you could choose to print the stories. Then you'll get the advantage of experiencing the Principa Creativa Intensiva in bed... without a partner!

When this creative principal inspires you, it is a good advice to combine pen and paper. Next thing is to publish your story to this website. The story will travel the world uncensored.

Click to one of the following titles:

The unbelievable adventures of Edgar and Eileen

Edgar and Eileen get a son

A day at the park with Edgar and Eileen

A Dutch Christmas-evening with Edgar and Eileen

Send over your own story and it will be published uncensored on this website!

P.S. All stories are subjected to a little c surrounded with a funny little circle, making these stories not to be spread without the explicit permission of the authors.

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