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The Stones, They Speak

Every child born on Earth is blessed. It has been born on the planet of the pyramids.
In this materialistic world of today, the Egyptian mountains of stone look upon us as old grandfathers, still keeping alive a memory of ancient wisdom.

Our society thinks it capable of doing anything. Instead it's doing everything wrong. It has no sense of where to go, it's just driven by the force of economics and capitalism. Like a narcissistic insect it's exhausting its mother-planet that should instead be worshipped for her beauty. Why not does the universe that surrounds us and our blue-and-white astonishing planet arouse a global sense of spiritual bewilderment? Mankind must be deep asleep. That is why the stones speak. Listen carefully. You can hear them saying:

"Be A Soul Like A Living Star."

The pyramids of ancient Egypt, especially those of Gizeh, have always challenged scientists to come up with a theory that could explain how these mountains of rocks were built. And of course why.

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