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Beware Of The End Of Times


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We are approaching the third millennium. A rare event that happens only ones in a thousand years (so the millennia precisely fit together!).
Some people get nervous, other over-enthusiastic. Somehow it feels like a major change in the year-number is connected to major changes on the Earth's surface. Every time the end of a century approaches, the number of doomsday-predictions increases. Never the predictions came true. So why would they now?
On the other hand, we do live in a time that looks like descriptions found in the Bible (Revelation of St. John). And what about the 'number of the beast'?

Maya's Say We're Gonna Die
The Cycles Of The Sun
Nostradamus' Testcase Coming Soon
The Poles... They Will Shift!

Maya's Say We're Gonna Die

It's not only the Bible that could make you worrying. Maya's civilisation divided time into great cycles. The last cycle ended 13 August 3114 b.C. The beginning of every new cycle will be attended with catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods and fire.


A Big Cycle is as big as 1,872,000 days, thus this cycle will end at 22 December 2012.
It won't take long; we are living in the last years of the present cycle...

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The cycles of the Sun

Violent Sun
Three magnetic periods are interacting and joined together they make a very complex system of cycles.
These three periods are:
The polar field of the Sun (37 days)
The equatorial field of the Sun (26 days)
The cycle of the Earth around the Sun (365.25 days).
Out of these cycles Maurice Cotterell (see his book Astrogenetics-The New Theory) derived the well-known 11.4 years sunspot-cycle, as well as a cycle of 187 years and one of 18,139 years. This last cycle of 18,139 years contains five periods corresponding with changing polarity of the magnetic field of the Sun.
These five periods correspond in number and length to the five periods of the Maya's... Should therefore a new change of the Sun's polarity in the year 2012 initiate the beginning of a new age?

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Nostradamus' Testcase Coming Soon

Michel Nostradamus, a French physician, astrologer and prophet, lived from 1505-1566. He wrote 1,000 4-line verses. These verses originally were chronological ordered and covered a period from 1555 to 3797, according to Michel Nostradamus' letter to his son Caesar Nostradamus. In this letter he tells his son that the world will suffer from very severe catastrophes. He also says that these things will happen just before the beginning of the seventh millennium (the third millennium after Christ)... that is now! Nostradamus dates his verses using astrological constellations. Just once he uses a concrete date. This date is July 1999:

(Centurion X: Verse 72)

In the year 1999 and 7 months
A great King or terror will come from the sky
To evoke the great King of Angolmois from death
Before and after Mars will rule in prosperity.


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On August 11th 1999, just eleven days later, a TOTAL solar eclipse will be visible in Western Europe. It is amazing that Nostradamus seemed to be able to calculate a total eclipse more than 400 years in the future. It is even so amazing that this total eclipse occur just 4.5 months before a change of the millennium and in the economical most important part of the world! Furthermore, this total eclipse will occur when the Sun reaches her highest point at the sky at 11:53 hour Central European Time! Without any doubt Nostradamus must have 'seen' something. I don't know what will happen, but anyway this will be Nostradamus' testcase!

What could possibily be this 'great King or terror'?

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