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Where did you meet Dr. Mauzhower?

"I first came in contact with Dr. Mauzhower in 1942, at a congress in Glastonbury, England. I was impressed by his knowledge of human biology and felt his hypnotic eyes piercing right through me. When he asked me to be a volunteer for one of his interesting experiments, I couldn't resist saying yes, please."

"Due to English bombardments in Germany, his laboratory was completely destroyed and it would take ten years to rebuild his equipment and knowledge. He was on track of something that had the capacity to transform mankind, he always told me and who was I to disbelieve him.
His laboratory at first gave me the goosebumps, but after a few months i got used to the electrified frogs on the wall, the brains in alcohol and the barking cat in a cage hanging on the ceiling."

When did the experiments on you started?

"When these films were made, the experiments were already part of my daily routine and I was beginning to enjoy them. These pictures were taken ten years ago and the experiments started thirteen years ago. Dr. Mauzhower persisted in not telling the reason of his experiments, he wanted to keep that strictly separated from his contact with the volunteers. He thought any information that would leak out could influence the outcome of the experiments. I respect him in that."

What kind of experiments is he doing on you and the other volunteers?

"I don't know much about physics, but he's putting some kind of needles into my face and puts an electrical charge on it. My muscles get electrified and as a result of that I start laughing, crying or start to look really angry, although in real life I'm a friendly, loving person."

How long will the experiments continue?

"As long as he wants to. I don't mind at all, on the contrary. He once went on a holiday to Transsylvania to visit his family. During that time my face started to get spastical and I got really nervous. My muscles were so used to Dr. Mauzhower's practice, that I decided to continue visiting his laboratory on a regular basis. See it as a therapy for me."

Is Dr. Mauzhower making any progress?

"Again, I don't know, except that the number of experiments is increasing. At first I visited him once every month, right now it's three times a day. I hope Dr. Mauzhower will continue his experiments at this pace."

I'm sorry to inform you, but dr. Mauzhower is forced to stop his practice.

"Oh no! Why is that?"

He can't afford his electricity-bills anymore...

"That's awful! I will suggest him to use an aggregate! If you will excuse me now, I have a phone-call to make..."
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