Your rotation is like dancing. Sometimes I hear the music.

I embrace the many coloured beast.

In the long run they will kill you, Gaia. It will be on your murder's dying day.

The universe is an oyster, as long as you are here.

Can I be your yellow spot, oh Big Eye?

I'm afraid of falling into the blue sky, everytime I lay in the grass and look up. I know it's my destiny, but I don't want to leave you now.

People get older and die, between an eternal youth.

You're both my cradle and grave. How could I not worship you?

You've had a temperamental youth, volcanoes were the blotches of your puberty.

I can't be apart from you, because I am a part of you.

It's easy for a desert to maintain itself. It's hard for nature to maintain its precious balance. Why making this effort unless its love?

Life is embedded in a wonder greater than life.

You made it possible for matter to imitate spirit.

When I die, the last sounds I hear shouldn't be words, but the whispering of your wind and the roaring of your sea. I will go in peace then.

Poetry is nothing but dying rationality, giving birth to your wonder.

Tell me your thoughts about the planet you live on.

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