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Welcome to the first site ever that worships the creative power of its reader.

Basic idea of this website: The world isn't what it seems.
On 17 November 1997 mankind has scientifically proven its spirit. The mind is capable of influencing its surrounding by telekinetic force. The consequences of this FACT are tremendous. I like to hear from you what theoretical or philosophical consequences this will have to the world as we know it.
Eye Of Andromeda

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Fool 27 February 1998 astronomers discovered ANTI-GRAVITY in the universe. About the consequences of this you'll find more on this website.

This website wants to convince YOU that the world is TOTALLY different than mankind now believes it is. It means that mankind is in a collective hypnotic state. This state is caused by a 24-hours a day information-stream based on WRONG principals.

This website worships your creativity. Therefore, if you would suffer from any creative impulse, don't suffer any longer and let mankind know.
Anecdotes, visions, philosophy's, photos... anything is welcome!
A jury will judge if your contribution is worth while to publish on this site. Then I will overrule the jury and publish it anyway.

Nostradamus: fraud or fright?
The Gathering An aubade to Gaia.
Voyagers, GO!
The doomsday asteroid.
A new way of cosmology.
Egypt and things to come.
Gallery Of Reincarnated Famous Dead Artists (including animations).
Tonight's Freakshow.
Dr. Mauzhower's 1001 experiments.
There is a starman waiting in the sky.
The ultimate thought-experiment.
About perpetual motion and its free energy.
Beware Of The End Of Times!
The Poles... They Will Shift!
Philosophical footpath.
Why astrologers shrink from 1999.
The 100Gb bug is coming!
Dutch tales translated into English.
Nederlandse sprookjes.

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