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1001 Experiments
Dr. Mauzhower's lab

It is only in the last few years that Dr. Mauzhower and his impressive works became known to the general public. For decades Dr. Mauzhower worked in complete isolation in his huge laboratory. His skin, never in contact with direct sunlight, got its tan from electrical explosions as a side effect of most of his experiments. These experiments, although many, have just one aim: to mislead the laws of nature in such a way that strange miracles will occur. And Dr. Mauzhower has succeeded in this goal.

At first, not knowing any of the consequences of his practice, Dr. Mauzhower only used animals. The Doctor was interested in the resurrection of the soul and his first attempt was to resurrect dead body-parts, like frog's legs in his famous frog-test experiment.
Later on, his self-confidence grew, and he invited the first volunteers of his career. The names of these men are to be read on the beautiful tombstones at the huge grave-yard next to the laboratory.

Nowadays, volunteers can be assured their lives won't be in danger during the tests. Only one out of eighty die during their stay in Dr. Mauzhower's lab, mostly because they were in poor condition anyway.

Seven years ago, Dr. Mauzhower reached the front-pages with his successful controlling of man's facial expressions. He could make somebody smile, cry or look angry, without jokes, bad news or insults, just with the use of plain electrifying needles.
The Doctor admits these experiments had no use whatsoever, then to create a flood of money from the Government to finance his real lab-work. About this work he remains keeping in silence. "My volunteers don't need to know what happens to them. That knowledge could only influence the experiment in a bad way", he explains.
Several catastrophes have destroyed most of the works of Dr. Mauzhower in the past. During W.W. II the lab vanished from the surface of the earth, due to English bombardments on nazi-Germany. In 1970, after a long hot summer, 90% of the prepared body-parts were eaten by hundreds of wild rats coming out of the sewerage.
Today Dr. Mauzhower resides in a castle somewhere in the south of France. The place is excellent for its task thanks to the enormous wine cellars. Once the wine-casks were brought outside, the cellars gave more then enough room to the equipment. "The wine-casks are perfect to preserve the blood I could need for later experiments", the Doctor says, "but this once lead to a painful misunderstanding with some tourist visiting my castle uninvited. I still see the expression on their face when they drank the stuff."

To be continued.

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