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Edgar and Eileen get a son

Edgar and Eileen cosy sat home and were ignoring each other completely. But suddenly this changed, when Edgar asked: "What is your name?" "My name is Eileen", Eileen answered, not looking up from her knitting-work.
"What are you doing there?", Edgar continued. "I'm knitting little socks for our prospective son", was Eileen pouting her lips from emotion. A tear seemed to be pearling in the corner of Edgar's eye.
All of a sudden there was a ring at the door. "Will you open up, Edgar?", Eileen asked, "I am just in a complex row of stitches and inverted stitches." Gently Edgar stood up and made a hole in the house by opening the door. There stood their prospective son.
"I come from adoption-office 'The Nice Family'", the good-natured lout on the pavement said. "You have ordered me. I am your new heir." "Ah", Edgar said, "Come in. Do as if you're home."
The good-natured lout stapped inside and took in the furniture thoroughly. That was why he didn't saw Eileen and he asked: "You live here alone?" "Yes", Edgar said, "together with Eileen, who is living here alone as well." And he pointed with his foot to the little soul in the chair, that was counting stitches inside herself. "That will be your little socks", Edgar said solemnly. The good-natured lout looked to the knot of wool on Eileen's needle. It was now that Eileen suddenly looked up and saw her son. "Say, don't you have any homework to do, mug?", she asked. "Yes, ma", the son responded and carrying his schoolbag he walked to his bedroom. "He is a one!", Eileen said, "he will be a handful, I tell you."

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