A day at the park with Edgar and Eileen creatief creativiteit verhalen schrijven sprookje sprookjes

A day at the park with
Edgar and Eileen

Next day Eileen called: "Sun, get up! To school!" "Yes, ma", the son said. He stood up and went to school. Just a few moments later there was a ring at the door. "Can you open up, Edgar", Eileen said, "it would be a pity if I dropped a stitch now." Edgar opened the door. There stood the son. "We got ice-free", he spook.
Edgar and Eileen took the son to the park. Because it was freezing so hard, it wouldn't be a bad idea to spoil the ducks in the pond with a piece of bread. Eileen took a piece of bread out of her pocket and gave it to the son. "Throw it away, son", she said approving. The son threw the piece of bread in a container. "No son, not in the container, to the ducks", Eileen said disapproving. The son took the piece of bread out of the container and threw it to the ducks. "No son, do not throw things from the container to the ducks, that is yekkie!", Eileen said disapproving. The son walked to the piece of bread that was lying between the ducks on the ice. He was only halfway when the ice started cracking. "No ice, don't crack", the son said disapproving, but it was already too late. While the ducks flew up, the son sank down the cold water and disappeared into the depth. "Brr, I'm freezing just by watching it", Edgar said to Eileen. "Oh well, he has his socks on, what could happen to him?", Eileen replied, "let's go home and put on a nice pan of soup on for him."
After several hours stirring, Eileen wondered herself what was taking the son so long. The soup began to evaporate and crusts set off against the rim of the pan. "If he doesn't come home now, he's gonna see stars!", she thought. From the living-room she heard Edgar calling: "I'm seeing something there!" "Stars?", she called back. Edgar wandered to the door. There was the lost son. He was wearing dirty socks. "I fell into the water", he said. "Oh poor boy", Edgar said, "come right in. Eileen is making a nice soup." The son walked to the kitchen. Eileen gave him some money. "Here, boy, here you are. I need onions." The son went outside to buy onions. He came back again. "They ran out of onions", he said. With a big sigh Eileen threw the soup down the sink.

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