A Dutch Christmas-evening with Edgar and Eileen creatief creativiteit verhalen schrijven sprookje sprookjes

A Dutch Christmas-evening with
Edgar and Eileen

On a winter-night there was a ring at the door. "Son, open up", Eileen said. The son opened up en came back, while panic had taken possession over him. "There is a man at the door", he said, "with a great beard on two elastics!" "Well well, Santa Claus, what a surprise, let him in", Edgar said.
Santa Claus came in, nodded solemnly and sat down on a little stool. For a moment there was a silence. Then Eileen said: "Would you care for a cup of tea, dear Santa Claus?" Santa nodded slowly. Eileen ladled with a cup into a bucket next to her chair and gave it to Santa. Santa Claus brought the cup to his mouth, but didn't drink. Again and again he brought the cup to his mouth, but the cup remained full. "Your cup is remaining full", the son said. All of a sudden Santa grasped a sharp object, which gave the son a fright. Then he saw that it was a pair of scissors. Santa cut into his beard there where his mouth should be. His lips curled outside through the created cut. The tea was being poured inside.
Attentively one looked to each other. Then Santa stood up and walked to the door. "Is he going to get the presents, ma?", the son asked. Santa never returned.

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