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About black holes and reincarnation

A black hole is the material equivalent of the spiritual death. An astronaut that, due to a fatal mistake, steps into a black hole, will fall into this hole at, for an outsider, decreasing speed until he will hang still like a frozen picture. This because of the relativistic influence the gravity-field has on time.
The astronaut on the other hand sees the surrounding universe develop at increasing speed. Billions of years will pass him in just a few seconds before he will collapse and merge into the massive corn of the hole. Or come back again via a white hole in another universe.
That is how it will be when we die. The people that stay behind will see nothing else then a frozen image of the dead man, while the deceased, thanks to his unconsciousness, time will pass in unthinkable speed. Finally enough universes have been developed and perished that a combination of atoms and cells is there to recreate the mind of the deceased.
Because of this theory, the consciousness of every living creature is eternal. Because one will be resurrected in the state of mind one had when one died, a spiritual evolution is possible.

Felix Caterpillar
26 December 1997
Haarlem, Holland

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