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There is a starman
waiting in the sky

The truth is out there. It's no use to deny it any longer... the universe shows it with every light in heaven...: the starmen are waiting in the sky.
Planet Earth is revolving in space around an orange explosion called Sun. The inhabitants are so occupied with their little things to do on the surface of this planet, that the astonishing surrounding, the solar system and beyond, is neglected.
In this age of technology the truth is dripping into the consciousness of mankind, slowly but surely. We set feet on the Moon, got familiar with weightlessness and got afraid of asteroids zooming towards earth.
But the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is still out there. Planet Earth is like an island in a great ocean. An island covered with life, life that didn't start there, but birds brought the seeds from the mainland.
The Gods are out there. They return to us on a regular base and they never grow old. I know how they do it.
What is the best way to manage a planet, to control it in the way you think is the best? You make some changes, add things, take away other things and then just sit back and watch how it develops. You'll have to wait a long time to see what will happen so you just leave and come back a few thousand or even million years in the future. Best way to do that is to make a relativistic journey. You fly into a certain direction in space, turn around and fly back again. In your spaceship time slows down; the relativistic trip won't feel longer than two years, while planet earth is a million years older. In that way these cosmonauts can 'manage' two stars simultaneously. Their starship makes an enormous ellipse between the two heavenly bodies.
And so history tells us about Gods coming down from heaven to earth, meeting with the people and then suddenly disappear again, leaving behind an impressed population, that gets very religious and passing the story from generation to generation.
We got so used with these stories, that we think it's something that belongs to mankind, we began to think religion is just an illusion, a primitive emotion not based on facts. That's why the believe in these starmen isn't a religion... the proofs are there.

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