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Here a few entries which are currently stored in The Police Archive. I hope this will give a good impression of the kind of information I'm looking for. I'm really very grateful for any help or information you can give me. When you have any specific question, then please contact me.

April 7, 1979; Boston, MA "Paradise Theater" (2nd set), USA
Can't Stand Losing You - Truth Hits Everybody - So Lonely - Fall Out - Born In The 50's - Hole In My Life/ Fixing A Hole - Be My Girl-Sally - Peanuts - Roxanne - Landlord - Next To You ** Can't Stand Losing You - Born In The 50's/ She Loves You
Attendance: 500.
DJ Oedipus of WBCN announced: "They are from the UK. Prepare yourself to be arrested by The Police".
Before Truth Hits Everybody Sting referred to the four successful shows at The Rat in Boston in 10-1978: "I tell you, we've been on tour for six weeks in America and this is the gig we've been waiting for. It's like being back home. Boston is were it happened first. Thank you. I wonder whether they receive this broadcast in England. If they do I'd like to say: 'hello mum'. Hello to Andy's mum and Stewart's mum. Thank you WBCN".
"Well, well, it looks like we have to come back to Boston after all. Hé Dave, bring me something to wipe my nose with. What you're hearing on the radio here is terminal laryngitis. Any doctors in the house? I'll now blow a deflate". After blowing his nose Sting continued: "Oedipus played this record on WBCN later this day, earlier this day I should say. It was our first ever single in England. It was called Fall Out".
Before Born In The 50's: "We had four audiences so far in this club. I think you're the best, I do. You're certainly the loudest".
"What we have on stage at the moment is a crisis. The crisis being that they have to change the tape over in the bus outside, so that people at home can hear it. Your mothers, fathers and all that. The chap there gonna give me a Q, when we can start". Immediately after saying that the guy gave the sign and Sting continued: "I can start now. Ok, that wasn't much of a crisis. What a disappoint-ment. There is a Hole In My Life".
Before Roxanne Sting told that they were staying in the Bradford Hotel in the Combat Zone, the red light district of Boston: "I love the area. It reminds me of this song". The twelve minutes version included a singing competition between the people standing at the left and at right side of the club.
Before the first encore Sting came on stage wearing his bathing wrap and halfway through Can't Stand Losing You he stated: "When they told us to play the Paradise, they said that there was only one thing wrong. And that is that the seats are tied to the floor. They said, you'll never get them standing up. They are wrong. Stand on your seats. Everybody. Just for me. Come on. It's fun. Join in". After this encore: "Goodnight Boston. Thank you. We love you. What can I say? Goodnight".
The crowd's reaction to the show was very intense: everyone was standing on their seats, screaming, yelling and blowing the Police-whistles which were handed during the first encore. After two minutes they were able to get The Police back for an extra encore: "I see we never gonna get home. My mother is waiting up for me as well. Silly old cow. You can join in this one, it's sort of anthem like. Born In The 50's". Near the end of Born In The 50's Sting sang a few words of The Beatles' She Loves You.
The complete show was broadcasted live by the radiostation WBCN.

July 26, 1980; Milton Keynes "Superbowl", UK
Voices Inside My Head - Don't Stand So Close To Me - Walking On The Moon - Deathwish - Fall Out - Bring On The Night - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Truth Hits Everybody - The Bed's Too Big Without You - Driven To Tears - When The World Is Running Down - Message In A Bottle - Roxanne - Can't Stand Losing You ** Next To You - So Lonely
Festival line-up: Sector 27, Skafish, Squeeze, UB40, The Police.
Attendance: 25,000; capacity: 35,000.
The "Rockatta De Bowl" festival was organized by Miles Copeland.
After a day and a night of rainstorms, the whole place was a sludgy sea of knee-deep mud.
After an hour a frequent announcements of "just another couple of minutes" The Police entered the stage around 10pm. This was the first concert of The Police in three months and was also the start of the promoting of the forthcoming album Zenyatta Mondatta (which was released on Oct. 3, 1980). From this album four songs were performed (not counting Voices Inside My Head which was only played from tape).
About £50,000 of the proceeds of this festival were donated to a good cause.

April 21, 1982; East Rutherford, NJ "Meadowlands Arena", USA
Voices Inside My Head - Message In A Bottle - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Spirits In The Material World - Hungry For You - When The World Is Running Down - The Bed's Too Big Without You - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Demolition Man - Bring On The Night - One World - Invisible Sun - Roxanne ** Don't Stand So Close To Me - Can't Stand Losing You - So Lonely
Support act: Black Uhuru.
The three members of Black Uhuru joined The Police during So Lonely.

Aug. 18, 1983; New York City, NY "Shea Stadium", USA
Support act: R.E.M., Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.
Attendance: 67,000; sellout.

Feb., 1985; New York City, NY "Record Plant Studios", USA
One Phone Call/ Street Scenes
In February 1985 Sting got the chance to meet one of his heroes, Miles David. Sting's new bass player Darryl Jones worked with Miles before and invited Sting to the studio where Miles was recording his album You're Under Arrest. Sting: "I went down to the studio and Darryl introduced us. The first thing he said to me was 'Do you speak French?'. I don't but I said yes. He said 'I want you to come into the studio and speak French to me'. They dragged me into the studio and he said 'I want you to translate the Miranda right into French and shout them at me'. [..] I said give me five minutes. I got onto the phone to Trudie who speaks fluent French. I found her in an Indian restaurent in Fulham. Five minutes later I had it written down. Miles starts the backing track and I start screaming at him, in French, the Miranda rights. At the end he said 'Great to meet you Sting, see you around'. That was Miles Davis, 10 minutes, a great character" (Record Mirror; 08-06-1985).
In "The Autobiography" Miles Davis said the following about Sting: "He is a nice guy, although I didn't know at the time that he was trying to hire Darryl as a bass player for his band".

Aug. 24, 1988; New York City, NY "Madison Square Garden", USA
During this show the large video screens were used again to improve the visual aspect for the audience.
One week before the start of the Amnesty International "Human Rights Now!" tour Bruce Springsteen joined Sting on acoustic versions of The River and Message In A Bottle.

Dec. 10, 1991; Paris "Palais Omnisports de Bercy", FRANCE
All This Time - Jeremiah Blues (Part 1) - Mad About You - Driven To Tears - Ain't No Sunshine - Why Should I Cry For You/ Jamaica Farewell/ Be Still My Beating Heart - Roxanne - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - King Of Pain - Fortress Around Your Heart - The Wild Wild Sea/ The Soul Cages - Purple Haze - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free/ We'll Be Together/ Walking On The Moon - Every Breath You Take ** Message In A Bottle ** Come Down In Time - Fragile
Before the first encore Sting introduced Elton John in French: "Vous êtes très gentils. Et maintenant...un invité surprisše..magnifique..mon ami...monsieur Elton John. Cette chanson..cette chanson s'appele..s'appele Come Down In Time".
After Fragile: "..merci bien...merci beaucoup...au revoir.."

April 2, 1993; Berlin "Deutschlandhalle", GERMANY
Setlist same as: March 28 1993 (Lille), but again Mackie Messer was added to Every Breath You Take.
Attendance: 10,000.

March 9, 1996; Amsterdam "Bourbon Street", HOLLAND
Lithium Sunset - Message In A Bottle - I Hung My Head
Attendance: ca. 125.
On Friday March 8 the management of the Dutch Sting Association (DSA) spoke to Sting in his hotel and invited him to come to the fanclubmeeting the next day. He agreed to come.
A handful of people were told of the visit of the special guest, because of organizational reasons. It was a complete surprise to all other people present when Sting and Dominic walked in at the small bar in Leidsekruisstraat (near Paradiso) at 1.00pm.
Before playing Message In A Bottle the Dutch Sting imitator Ed Citroen asked Sting to join in. Vinnie walked in during this song. Sting also took time to answer several questions.

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