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Over the years Sting, Stewart and Andy wrote music for the soundtracks of many movies. Sting also acted in quite a few.


The Filth and The Fury1978movieactorSting played a member of the fictional gay band the Blow Waves, who kidnap Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and attempt to "molest" him. Though Sting's performance was cut from the original film The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, it was subsequently included with commentary in the 2002 Sex Pistols documentary The Filth and The Fury.
Radio On1980movieactor
Artemis 811981movieactorMovie about two alien brothers battle for control over Earth's destiny. Sting played the role of Helith. On 29-12-1981 BBC1 broadcasted the complete movie (185 minutes) (between 9:00pm to 12:05am).
Brimstone & Treacle1982movieactor + musician
Parole1982TV-productionmusicianSting performed Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released"
Bring on the Night1985movieactor + musician
Ligmalion - A Musical for the 80s1985TV-productionactorBroadcasted by BBC2 on April 8, 1985. Sting played the role of Machiavelli
The Bride1985movieactor
Walking To New Orleans1985movieactorSting played the role of a musician who was shot after playing Moon Over Bourbon Street on an acoustic guitar in a metrostati-on
Julia and Julia1987movieactor
Someone To Watch Over Me1987moviemusicianSting recorded Gershwin's Someone To Watch Over Me for this film
Resident Alien1988movieactorSting took part in this documentary on the author/personality Quentin Crisp in New York City
Stormy Monday1988movieactor
Baron Munchausen1989movieactorSting plays a small part in this film as a soldier
Three Penny Opera1989theateractor
Captain Planet1991TV-productionactorSting's voice represented the animated character Zarm in one of the episodes of this TV series.
The Music Tells You1992movie-documentary with Branford Marsalis
Libera1993movieactorthere is a 30 seconds shot of a magazine in this film. Sting is on the cover of this magazine
The Three Musketeers1993moviemusicianBryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting recorded the song All For Love for this film
Leon1994moviemusicianShape Of My Heart was included at the end of the film on which Dominic Miller performed an extra introduction
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls1995moviemusicianSting rerecorded "Spirits in the material world" (with Pato Banton) for the soundtrack of this movie
Il Postino1995moviemusicianTogether with several other artists Sting read a poem by the Chilean diplomat Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) for the soundtrack of this film
Leaving Las Vegas1995moviemusicianSting performed "Angel Eyes", "My One And Only Love" and "It's A Lonesome Old Town"
Sabrina1995moviemusicianSting performed "Moonlight"
The Grotesque1995movieactor + musicianSting played the role of the butler Fledge. In the USA the film was also known as "Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets" and "Grave Indiscretion
The Living Sea1995moviemusicianA survey of the world's oceans, emphasizing the fact that it's a single interconnected ocean, and the dependence of all life on the ocean. The movie is accompanied by Sting's music.
The Truth About Cats & Dogs1996moviemusicianThe rerecorded version of The Bed's Too Big Without You was used on the soundtrack album
White Squall1996moviemusicianValparaiso was used on the soundtrack
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels1998movieactorSting plays a small part in this film as bar owner JD.
The Mighty1998moviemusicianSting performed "The Mighty"
The Object of My Affection1998moviemusicianSting performed "You Were Meant For Me"
The X-Files: The Movie1998moviemusicianSting rerecorded "Invisible Sun" (with Aswad) for the soundtrack of the movie The X-Files: The Movie.
The Thomas Crown Affair1999moviemusicianSting performed the song "Windmills Of Your Mind".
The Emperor's New Groove2000moviemusicianSting wrote and performed the soundtrack of this movie. The track My Funny Friend And Me was released as a single and nomitated for an Oscar in 2001.
The Sweatbox2000movieactor + musicianBehind-the-scenes movie featuring Sting's work on the Disney film 'The Emperor's New Groove', from its roots as a drama called 'Kingdom of the Sun', fueled by six songs written by and performed by Sting. It's world premiere took place at Toronto International Film Festival on 13-09-2002. It was also shown on several film festivals (Sydney Film Festival on 13-06-2003). No planned release in cinemas or on dvd/video.
All Access2001moviemusicianThis movie contains a live version of Desert Rose. Also released on the album All Access.
Kate & Leopold2001moviemusicianThe movie included the track Until, which was written and performed by Sting. This track was nominated for an Oscar in 2002. The movie was released on DVD (region 1) on 11-06-2002.The real gem amongst the host of special features is the inclusion of Sting's rarely seen music video for Until.
Zoolander2001movie-In this movie Ben Stiller talks about Sting being his role model, and how he admires Sting's artistry, and how, sometimes, he "even listens to one of his songs." While all this is going on, there are a few images of Sting floating from the bloke's mind.
Cold Mountain2003moviemusicianThe movie included the track You Will Be My Aint True Love written by Sting and sung by Alison Krauss with Sting on backing vocals.
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints2006movieexecutive producerTrudie was one of the movie's producers, while Sting is credited as an executive producer.
Bee Movie2007movieactorAn animated Sting appears as a witness in the court room and defends his right to his stage name in this animated comedy about bees. Having just graduated from college, a bee by the name of Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) finds himself disillusioned with the prospect of having only one career choice – honey. As he ventures outside of the hive for the first time, he breaks one of the cardinal rules of the bee world and talks to a human, a New York City florist named Vanessa (Renée Zellweger). He is shocked to discover that the humans have been stealing and eating the bees’ honey for centuries, and ultimately realizes that his true calling in life is to set the world right by suing the human race for stealing their precious honey. Bee Movie was released to cinemas in the UK on 14 December 2007.

Stewart Copeland

So What1982documentarymusician16mm documentary about punkbands. Directed by Stewart
Rumble Fish1983moviemusicianStewart composed the soundtrack.
Ewoks and Droids1984TV-productionmusicianGeorge Lucas' cartoon TV-series; Stewart composed the opening theme for this animation series. Also contributed Love Lessons with bassist Derek Holts as a band called Colts
The Rhythmatist1984documentarymusicianMovie which was released together with the album The Rhythmatist.
The Equalizer1985TV-productionmusicianStewart composed the music for 26 episodes of this CBS TV-series; The following episodes were all broadcasted in 1987: Unpunished Crimes, China Rain, Subway Terror, Blind Frame, Surving The Game, Tip On A Sure Thing, Father Of The Bride, Heart Strings, Derd Drop, Shades of Darkness. On May 27, 1987 Stewart appeared as ""Pickpocket"" in episode ""Re-Entry"" (episode # 2.22).
9½ Weeks1986moviemusicianCannes produced and engineered by Stewart
King Lear1986opera & balletmusician
Out Of Bounds1986moviemusicianmusic by Stewart, contributed 2 tracks on the soundtrack album: Out Of Bounds (w/ Adam Ant) and Zola-X
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 21986moviemusiciancontributed 1 track: Strange Things Happen
Wall Street1987moviemusicianThe orginal music for this film was composed and performed by Stewart Copeland. Produced and mixed by Jeff Seitz. Recorded and mixed at "The Worried Rabbit" in Ninevah, Assyria
Emilio1988opera & balletmusician
Polo Allegretto1988TV-productionmusicianChannel 4 documentary about Stewart's polo team "Outlandos"
Shalom Salaam1988TV-productionmusicianStewart composed the music for the main title of this BBC 5-part TV drama series
She's Having A Baby1988movieactor + musicianMusic Score by Stewart; including a shot of Stewart mentioning a name for the baby during the subtitles
Talk Radio1988moviemusicianThe orginal music for this film was written and performed by Stewart Copeland. Produced and mixed by Jeff Seitz. Assembled by Judd Levinson. Recorded and mixed at "TMF Communica-tions" in Toluca Lake, CA, USA
After Midnight1989TV-productionmusicianABC TV-film
Artworld1989TV-productionmusicianStewart composed the title music for monthly arts program
Earth Girls Are Easy1989moviemusicianStewart contributed "Throb". Performed and produced by Stewart Copeland. Co-produced by Jeff Seitz
Holy Blood And Cresent Moon1989opera & balletmusicianCleveland Oct. 1989 / Forth Worth Opera 1990
See No Evil, Hear No Evil1989moviemusician
Hidden Agenda1990moviemusician
Highlander II: The Quickening1990moviemusicianStewart produced several tracks: Bird Flight, Destroy Shield and Sunshield/ Dam Escape. Also on CD: Bronze Records 9031 736572
Men At Work1990moviemusicianOn the soundtrack album are two tracks by Stewart: Las Playas Dawn and Pink Panther no.23. Mesa Records R2 79025
Taking Care Of Business1990moviemusicianmusic by Stewart Copeland; original music score mixed and co-produced by Jeff Seitz. Also known as: "Filofax"
The First Power1990moviemusicianAction/Adventure. Crime. Horror. Also known as: "Pentagram"/ "Transit"
TV 1011990TV-productionmusicianGTG TV-series; Stewart composed the music for the pilot of this series
Afterburn1992TV-productionmusicianHBO TV-film broadcasted in the USA on 30-05-1992; including Deborah Holland's For One Moment
Born to Ski1992moviemusicianincluding Animal Logic's In the Garden and Stewart's Screaming Lord..
Fugitive among us1992TV-productionmusicianABCP TV-film broadcasted on 04-02-1992; ABC Movie of The Week; Stewart's name isn't mentioned, but it really sounds like his work!
Seconds Out1992TV-productionmusicianBBC TV-film broadcasted on 04-10-1992
Babylon 5 - The Gathering1993TV-productionmusicianStewart composed the music for the two-part pilot episode The Gathering for Babylon 5, which was originally telecast as a single two-hour TV movie on February 22, 1993 (the "official" release date of March 8 refers to the film's Chicago TV premiere).
Bank Robber1993moviemusicianexecutive producers Jean Cazes, Miles A. Copeland III, Paul Colichman
Horse Opera1993opera & balletmusicianbroadcasted by Channel4 on 13-02-1994
Raining Stones1993moviemusician
Surviving the Game1993moviemusicianMusic by Stewart Copeland. Co-produced and engineered by Jeff Seitz. Stanley Clarke: bass; Jud Miller: E.V.L., oboe, flutes; Michael Thompson: guitars. Assistent to Stewart Copeland: Charlene Kriak. Recorded at "Kinetic Kollections Studios" in Culver City, CA, USA
The Cask Of Amontillado1993opera & balletmusicianlibretto by David Bamberger
The Stars That Played With Lucky Joe's Cards1993opera & balletmusicianconcerto for drums and orchestra
Wide Sargasso Sea1993moviemusician
Fresh1994moviemusicianDrama. Stewart contributed one of his jangly, meditative musical scores, and its computer-age jazz seemed just the right accompaniment to this always slightly off-balance story. Stewart isn't on the official soundtrack CD; RCA 66475
Prey1994opera & balletmusicianStewart also played the drums
Rapa-Nui1994moviemusicianalso on CD: Milan Records 7313835-6812
Silent Fall1994moviemusicianthriller. Also on CD: Morgan Creek records 2959200292
Tyson1995TV-productionmusicianThe Mike Tyson Story produced for TV by HBO. Scored in April and May 1995
White Dwarf1995TV-productionmusicianScience fiction, fantasy. Scored in April and May 1995. Stewart composed the music.
Boys1996moviemusicianStewart contributed about half the music for this score; "Evade Chums" was the only track which appeared on the soundtrack album A&M 540 489
Gridlock'd1996moviemusicianfeaturing the late Tupac Shakur. The music is really hard and driving
The Assassination File1996TV-productionmusicianalso known as "Out In the Cold"
The Girl You Want1996moviemusician
The Leopard Son1996moviemusicianStewart released an orchestral score for the documentary film "The Leopard Son" on 29-10-1996 on Miles' label ARK 21, which is distributed by EMI Music. The music is African in nature and represents various animals in the film, including hyenas, baboons, elephants, giraffes and of course leopards. Also featured on the album is Stanley Clarke on acoustic bass, Judd Miller on wind percussion, Michael Thompson on guitar, and the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Andreas. "The Leopard Son" is the story of the birth, growth and coming of age of a leopard cub in Africa. Stewart spent a week in Africa with filmmaker Hugo van Lawick, visiting film locations to help in composing the score. Narrated by Sir John Gielgud, it was the first full-length feature from Discovery Pictures
The Pallbearer1996moviemusiciancomedy; music by Stewart; two tracks on the soundtrack album: Bill's Dead/Milk Montage and Ruth Shows Up
Four Days in September1997moviemusicianAlso known as "O Que E Isso, Companheiro?" Portugese title; soundtrack released on Milan/ BMG). The film was released in Brazil on 19-04-1997
Good Burger1997moviemusicianmusic by Stewart Copeland; the orginal soundtrack CD album on Paramount Pictures doesn't contain any of Stewart's music, but it does contain the cover of Roxanne by Spearhead
Insiders1997TV-productionmusicianBBC TV-series which lasted six episodes
Little Boy Blue1997moviemusicianmusic composed by Stewart Copeland; on the soundtrack album is about 10 minutes of Stewart's music
The Sadness of Sex1997moviemusicianExperimental. Stewart was one of quite a number of music composers.
Welcome to Woop Woop1997moviemusicianComedy. Also known as "The Big Red" working title); The end credits mention: "Special thanks to: […] Stewart Copeland, Jeff Seitz". Stewart isn't on the official soundtrack CD
Futuresport1998TV-productionmusicianStewart wrote the music for this USA TV-film, which futures Wesley Snipes, Vanessa Williams and Dean Kane
Legalese1998TV-productionmusicianUSA TV-production featuring James Garner and Kathleen Turner. Music by Stewart. Broadcasted on 04-10-1998
Made Men1998moviemusicianmusic recording/ mixing: Jeff Seitz; keyboards/ drums/ bass: Stewart Copeland; guitar: Michael Thompson; EVI: Judd Miller; percussion: Ron Aston. Assistent to Stewart Copeland: Tricia Hansen; music technical assistant: Ryan Beveridge.
Pecker1998moviemusicianseven tracks on the soundtrack album were written by Stewart and includes the track Don't Drop The Soap, For Anyone Else But Me) with Stan Ridgway
Spyro The Dragon1998gamemusicianStewart composed the music for this computer game (made for Playstation (PSX)).
The Taking of Pelham One, Two, Three1998TV-productionmusician
Very Bad Things1998moviemusicianStewart composed the music.
West Beyrouth1998moviemusician
More Dogs Than Bones1999moviemusicianmusic recorded and mixed by: Jeff Seitz; keyboards/ drums/ bass: Stewart Copeland; guitar: Michael Thompson; EVI: Judd Miller. Assistent to Stewart Copeland: Tricia Hansen; music technical assistant: Ryan Beveridge.
She's All That1999moviemusicianmusic recording/ mixing: Jeff Seitz; drums/ percussion: Stewart Copeland; guitar: Michael Thompson; EVI: Judd Miller. Music assistants: Ryan Beveridge, Tricia Hansen.
Simpatico1999moviemusician"Original music composed and produced by Stewart Copeland". The soundtrack album (Milan Records; 73138 35901-2) contains 18 tracks by Stewart.
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut1999movieactorStewart performed a guest starring role as the voice of American Soldier #1
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage1999PCmusicianMade for Playstation (PSX). Also known as: "Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer"
The Amanda Show1999TV-productionmusician
Beyond The Glory2000TV-productionmusician
Boiler Room2000moviemusicianThis movie contains the tracks "Wait Gekko" and "I Just Know", which were both taken from the movie Wall Street (1987) and were written by Stewart Copeland. These tracks were NOT released on the official soundtrack album!
Boys and Girls2000moviemusician"Music by Stewart Copeland". The soundtrack album (Ark21 Records; 186 810 058 2) includes the track "The Freddie File" by Stewart.
Brutally Normal2000TV-productionmusician
Skipped Parts2000moviemusicianAlso known as: "The Wonder Of Sex" (UK)
Spyro 3: Year Of The Dragon2000PCmusicianMade for Playstation (PSX). Also known as: "Spyro The Dragon 3"
Sunset Strip2000moviemusician
Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare2001gamemusicianStewart composed the theme song for this computer game (made for PC).
Big Sound2001TV-productionactorBig Sound was filmed in Vancouver and debuted on December 11, 2000. Stewart appeared in the 10th episode "Jam Session".
On The Line2001moviemusician
Breaking News2002TV-productionmusicianOriginal Music by Ryan Beveridge and Stewart Copeland
Deuces Wild2002moviemusician
Me and Daphne2002moviemusicianshort movie (22 minutes)
Dead Like Me2003TV-productionmusicianStewart scored the Showtime TV series "Dead Like Me," which he describes as "a very poignant comedy about life and death". The first season contained 14 episodes and was broadcasted in 2003.
Amazon Forever2004moviemusicianMusic by Stewart.
Fish Eye2005moviemusicianOriginal music by Marvin Ayres, Stewart Copeland and James Coward. Short movie (20 minutes).
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee2005moviemusicianThis animation movie premiered on Cartoon Network at 9am on Saturday August 20, 2005.
Sol Chica?moviemusician

Andy Summers

20101984moviemusicianAndy contributed the track 2010
The Wild life1984moviemusicianAndy contributed the track Human Shout. Tracks of Banarama, Eddie van Halen and Ron Wood also appeared on the soundtrack album
Band of the Hand1986moviemusicianAndy contributed the track Carry Me Back Home
Down and out in Beverly Hills1986moviemusicianAndy contributed six tracks to the soundtrack album
The Fantasist1986moviemusicianbased on the novel "Goosefoot" by Patrick McGinley. Andy brought the rights to this book. Around 1983 he told in an interview that he would have a role in this movie. This didn't seem to come about
End of the line1987moviemusicianAndy wrote the soundtrack
Hitchhiker - The Legendary Billy B.1987TV-productionactor + musicianAndy played the role of photographer Hodie in this episode of the series The Legendary Billy B. He co-starred with Kirstie Alley and Brad Dourif. He also composed and performed the Billy Baltimore music
Out Of Time1988TV-productionmusicianSci-fi; TV-film; ; broadcasted on 17-07-1988
The Deceivers1988moviemusiciannot sure whether Andy actually contributed to this movie. Could also be "Deceived" as mentioned on Andy's own site
Weekend at Bernie's1989moviemusicianMusic composed and performed by Andy Summers
Another you1991moviemusicianAndy played the role of the leader of a band
Mississippi Masala1992moviemusicianAndy contributed the track Driving To Sunday Lunch. Also contributing to the soundtrack album were Andrea Marcelli, L.Subramaniam, Freddie Ravel, Thom Rotella, Nyle Steiner & Emil Richards.
The Craft1996moviemusicianAndy contributed on guitar on I Have The Touch with Heather Nova

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