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05-08-1983 / Toronto, Ont. / C.N.E. Grandstand Stadium / CANADA
Voices Inside My Head - Synchronicity I - Synchronicity II - Walking In Your Footsteps - Message In A Bottle - Demolition Man - O My God - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Wrapped Around Your Finger - Tea In The Sahara - Spirits In The Material World - Hole In My Life/ Hit The Road Jack - Invisible Sun/ Wouldn't It Be Loverly - One World - King Of Pain ** Every Breath You Take - Murder By Numbers - Don't Stand So Close To Me - Roxanne - Can't Stand Losing You ** Next To You - So Lonely
"The Police Picnic '83" line-up: Blue Peter, King Sunny Ade & His African Beat, The Fixx, Peter Tosh, James Brown, The Police.
Attendance: 35,000.
For the third year in a row The Police headlined at "The Police Picnic".
Sting: "We played in Toronto, and we had James Brown open for us. It's the greatest honour we've ever had. I was out there, grooving away, and this grapefruit lands on stage, almost hits him. I thought, 'Who the hell throw a grapefruit at James Brown?'. Then I realized they probably hadn't heard of him. When a young audience hasn't heard of the man who invented soul music, there's something wrong with music in this country." (Chicago Tribune; 21-07-1985).
Before Hole In My Life: "We started to rehearse for this tour and we hadn't played in about nine months on stage as a group. So as an exercise, as a way of getting warmed up, we went through our entire catalogue of songs to see if we could remember them. Remember the words, the chords, the tunes. We found this song, it's a laugh. A part of this is just for you".
After returning to the stage after the "tea break" after King Of Pain: "Thank you for your indulgence. You thought that was tea? Ha".
During Can't Stand Losing You: "I have a confession to make. I don't like doing this. It's very distasteful, but I have to tell you that two nights ago we played in Montreal. I'm sorry. For one reason only. To compare them with you. No problem. Then fucking proof it".
Before Next To You: "You remember those old songs I was talking about? Well, this is an old old old song. Older than Andy".

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