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Why I created these pages

My computer lab Once upon a long ago I was browsing trough the web and stumbled upon a site for The Flintstones. Nice, but I've always liked The Jetsons better. To my surprise there was no Jetsons site on the web. Having some megabytes on my home directory to burn, a multi media computer at my finger tips and a whole lot of Jetsons episodes on video what else could I do than to make a home page for The Jetsons?

The number of visitors, kind E-mails and awards I had the honnor of receiving make building and maintaining this web site very much worth while. May you wonder, yes, this is the site where many of those Jetsons graphics on the Net come from. But I don't really mind. Most people even asked me for permission to use my graphics.

How I created these pages

Most pictures have been captured from VHS video tape. This explains the poor quality of some bigger pictures in the photo gallery. I'm sorry for that but VHS is the limiting factor here, no matter how good my computer equipment. Also, you can still see the Cartoon Network logo in the upper right corner.
Amiga 3000T
  • Amiga 3000T
  • Motorola 68040 CPU, running at 25 mHz
  • 12 megabytes of memory
  • KickStart 3.1
  • MacroSystems VLab video digitizer
  • MacroSystems Retina Z2 24 bit graphics board

pages were previewed using IBrowse, Voyager NG, AWeb II and Netscape navigator (on Apple Macintosh and Linux).

The HTML editor was only used to insert some special characters for which I do not know the escape code by heart. All HTML code was typed in by hand. In my opinion far easier than an editor, more efficient than an editor and more compatible (since editors come with a browser implying the risk only that browser will perfecly display the code created by the HTML editor that came with it).

This page is best viewed with any browser. The whole concept of the world wide web was to exchange multi media documents between all computers and operating systems. With NetScape and Microsoft dominating the world wide web and changing the HTML standard, this free exchange would be over.

Made on Amiga

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