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Archie Comics makes comic books about The Jetsons. The issues are monthly and feature about three Jetson stories. Since 1997 Archie makes Flintstone and Jetson comics, these are either "The Flintstones and The Jetsons" (meaning more Flintstone than Jetson) or "The Jetsons and The Flintstones" (meaning more Jetson). The comics are fun to have, but most stories are short and uninspired. Drawing is OK and does not differ from the original television show.

I bought these comics at the Comic Stripshop. Old Jetsons comics can be found online at Diamond Galleries.

Issue # 33, January 1970
Getting the Last Laugh on cousin Clyde, a practical joker, will be a laugh indeed when he follows George and Elroy on a camping trip to Uranus, thinking he can catch them off guard and scare them out of their wits!

Also in this issue: In the Mood for Food, Easier Said Than Done, and Space Carnival.

This very rare issue is for sale from Steve Reynolds at $ 70 (CAN).

Issue # 1, September 1995
Journey Back Park is an amusement park where one can revisit the piggy 1990s. See how people polluted the earth, how people aggressively drove cars and dumped toxic waste in the ground. How come people cared so little? Didn't they think about the future?

George and Elroy play the virtual reality game Johnny Space Cadet so much that they can't tell reality from virtual reality anymore.

Monkey Business is a one page comic showing how business men trick their spouses into believing they work late, future style.

A hard dog's day is what happens when Astro accidentally ends up at the galaxy's end and George has to come to pick him up.

Issue # 2, October 1995
New York is called Nyawk, Nyyawk after it in launched into space as the ultimate prison for all what is not welcome on earth any more. George Jetson and Mr. Spacely are out of anti-matter and have to land on this prison a-drift in space.

George's Super Sonic Hover blades get Out of Control and George crashes a party, is a hero and attends an outdoor art show.

The Eternal Question is "is space finite"?

Mediocre George features in "Meredith and Beth's really big losers show", but is he a such a loser or are they?

Issue # 3, November 1995
In Interactive Jetsons Spacely introduces the interactive comic book, starring George Jetson as Spacely's puppet. In a cartoon everything can happen, like turning the Jetson family into the stone age, the 1970s or making them dull, whinny, stupid, lazy or more self confident than Spacely can handle. Can Spacely control his subjects even more closely?

Take a flying George features George as a circus artist when he tries to find Elory after he elopes to the circus. Elroy plays the clown, but George has a much harder time performing " the intergalatic star fighters attack the star".

Switch means Astro doing house keeping, Judy eating doggy treats and George dancing a ballet. Something is seriously wrong here.

Issue # 4, December 1995
The Defective Detective tells about "Trans-Dimensional Television", television that allows the viewer to pop into the set and take part in any program he/she chooses! George immediately buys a set and brings it home. He jumps into the television to take part in and old detective from the twentieth century, that is when the set breaks down and George cannot get out.

In Astro-logical Judy visits the set of "Melrose Space 90210 A.D.", chaperoned by Astro. When the star of the show cannot make it to the set, the director needs another gorgeous teen star. How about Judy? ... how about not Astro?

Smart Pills are meant to make one smarter, but when George accidentally eats a whole bag he gets smart enough to save the earth from armed troops from outer space.

Issue # 6, February 1996
The great snowfall almost meant the earth for planet earth. George created artificial snow, but some crooks break down the control station to turn the snow off again. They know that everyone will strand in the snow and they have all the banks and museums un-attended just waiting to be robber. Only the professor who made the snow machine knows how to stop it now, and the professor is at his Mercury summer home.

Magnut Robot Biter is what happens when electrical appliances come to life and turn against you.

In Judy we Trust but George decides to spy on her anyway. Then the Spaceland amusement park seems a bit harder for George than for his daughter and her date.

Issue # 5, December 1997
Wild Weekend means party in Judy's dictionary and strato boarding with Rick Retrograde in Elroy's. Elroy won't allow a party, but Judy can get Rick Retrograde to come to the party if Elroy allows one. What will George and Jane say if they found out?
More to come ...

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