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Workbench backdrops

Jetson family skating
Format : ILBM, 640x512x4, 80 kb
Extra : Uses customized palette

Download :Jetsons_skating.ILBM


Rosie the robot going bonkers
Format : ILBM, 640x512x4, 96 kb
Extra : Uses customized palette

Download :Jetsons_rosie.ilbm


George Jetson on the front page of BYTE magazine
Format : ILBM, 640x512x4, 23 kb
Extra : Uses standard Magic Workbench palette

Download :Jetsons_BYTE_workbench.ILBM

System sound replacement

Visaphone sound to replace the standard BEEP()
Format : IFF 8SVX,
Extra :

Download :Jetsons_beep.8SVX


Apple Macintosh

Desktop pictures

This site's background for your desktop pattern
Format : PICT clipping, 80 kb
Extra : Copy and paste into desktoppatterns control panel

Download : Jetsons_desktoppattern.pict

Quicktime movies

The original television show leader
Format : Quicktime, 6.2 MB
Extra : 376x288 pixels, 57 seconds, 119,8 k/sec

Download : Jetsons_leader


Format : Quicktime, 318 kb
Extra : Get Quicktime 3

Download : Astro batteling Orbitty


Format : Macintosh application 68k and PPC, 1383 kb
Extra : Link to www.hypno.com

Download : The Jetsons Spacerace


George, Judy and Elroy icons.
Format : Standard Macintosh icon
Extra :

Download : Jetsons_icons.sit.hqx




Desktop picture

Panic at the Jetsons family
Format : TARGA, 872x998x24, 2.4 MB
Extra : The current release of BeOS (pre-release 2 and 3) doesn't support desktop images, but you can use replicants to fake it. Open NetPositive and drop this image into it, Show Replicants from the TaskBar, drag the replicant to the screen, position, resize, and you have a desktop image.
There are a few drawbacks to this method. You can only use one image, not a tiled background. In addition, NetPositive as a replicant will cover up icons on the Desktop. This can be worked around by leaving a strip of Desktop uncovered and making sure that all your icons are located within that strip (try clustering them along the top of the screen). Another problem is that if you have your workspaces set up at different resolutions, the size that fills the screen in one workspace will not fill the screen in another. And there seems to be a bit of a conflict when you have overlapping replicants on the Desktop. The view can act quite strangely at times. Expect this to be fixed in later releases.

Download : Jetsons_Panic.TGA.ZIP



Linux / FreeBSD

Desktop picture

Under construction
Format :
Extra :

Download :

NeXT Step

NeXT Step

Desktop picture

Elroy's Mob
Format : TIFF 492x512x8, 756 kb
Extra : Use FastView to scale and put on the workspace background

Download : Jetsons_NeXT_background.TIFF



Sun Solaris

Background picture

Panic at the Jetsons family
Format : Sun raster, 872x998x24, 2.5 MB
Extra : Compressed

Download : Jetsons_Panic.sun.Z


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