Meet the Jetson family

George George Jetson

Loving family man who always seems to make the wrong decision. Makes long three hour working days at Spacely's Sprockets. Aged 38. Dad of Elroy and Judy. Man in the house. Starts his day with a refreshing ultra-sonic shower (which is much more convenient than a wet shower as one does not need to go trough the hassle of taking one's cloths of anymore). A man to love. Likes to watch Hill Stars Blues and spaceball together with Elroy. When George was a kid he went through 10 miles of asteroid storms to go to Orbit High School, where he was the Star Pitcher of the spaceball team. Sweater size 40 x 40 cm

Jane Jane Jetson

George's spouse. Always looking for a new look and finding ways to make life as pleasant as possible for poor George. Dials a great dinner daily, for example beetle juice and lunar locks. She's a member of the Galaxy Women Historical Society. Enjoys the work of Leonardo de Venus and Picasso Pia. Wears size 8. Loves to go shopping at Mooning Dales. Sweater size 42 x 33 cm

Elroy Elroy Jetson

George's son. He's about 10 years old and a genius in all space sciences. Attends Little Dipper School. Straight-A student studying space history, astro physics and star geometry. Won't do anything wrong. Devoted to space adventures with Nimbus the Great on television and playing with his Nimbus zoom-bot. Watches House of the Planet on television with Judy. Sweater size 30 x 21 cm

Judy Judy Jetson

George's daughter. She's about 16 years old. Prime interests: boys, clothes, boys, dating, guys and going out. Previous dates: Space Hawk Mike, Vinny van GoGogh, Rocky Retro and Jet Screamer. Reveals every secret to her digital diary DiDi, lives by the directions of her Micro Processor Personal Organizer. Wants a Moonseratti to impress the boys. Studies cyborg biology and astro mathematics. Loves to shop at Laser's Department Store. Sweater size 37 x 28 cm

Rosie Rosie

The house-hold robot. She's an out-dated model but the Jetsons love her and would never trade her for a newer model.

Astro Astro

The dog, once known as "Tralfaz" in a former life. Not always so smart but smart enough to be able to talk (oh well, at least something that sounds like talking). Astro just loves George and shows it every time George gets home. Sweater size 36 x 17 cm

Orbitty Orbitty

Unidentified alien pet. A little furry animal with a built in slinky. Elroy found it on a field trip to mars and took it home. Orbity is a friendly pet, incredibly smart and always in a good mood. Never ever make it angry tough. Introduced in the 80s series. Changes colours with moods: yellow is scared, pink is affectionate, white is neutral


Meet the others

Spacely Cosmo Spacely

George's boss. All of his life George is offered vice presidency if he does whatever Spacely's got on his mind. Just as many times George gets fired if he doesn't do whatever's on Spacely's mind. Cosmo's life time competitor is "Cogswell". While Cosmo is there almost every episode, Cogswell is used now-and-then. Biggest client: Mr. Spendwell. Wife: Petulia.


"Referential Universal Differential Indexer": George's computer at work. RUDI doesn't like the 3 day 2-hours-a-day work week as well. Jetson can go home every day, RUDI can't get out as he's part of the building. Presumably a member of S.P.C.H. (Society Preventing Cruelty to Humans).

Henry Orbit Henry Orbit and his robot Mack

The sky pad appartment's repair man. Always helpful and always in a good mood. His robot Mack fell in love with Rosie and married her. Henry services the building, cleans cars and looks after the garage. Always good for a quick word of advice to George just before leaving the car park.

Cogswell Cogswell

Spacely's big competitor. Owns the Cogswell's Coggs company, the biggest competitor of Spacely's Space Sprockets. Cogswell's scientific assistant is called Mr. Moonstone, his special agent Collin uses code X-73145. The two corporate raiders have a life of cut trought competition. Cogswell has a dart-board with Spacely's face on it in his office. Like to play golf at the Moonside Country Club.

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