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The Jetsons and the Legend of Robotopia

Robotopia Screenshot

The Jetsons and the Legend of Robotopia from MicroIllusions inc., copyright 1989. Considering the date it is not on sale anymore, which is a waste as the game seems to be made with love and dedication.

The game is about Jetson's mission to the planet of Robotopia. Spacely is experiencing bad luck with his investments in a holiday resort on this planet. The two native robot tribes of the planet are in a long lasting war. The Roboriginals are building a wall covering the entire planet, the other tribe is destroying that wall. This resulting in heavy pollution, blocking the sun and almost no tourists. George's mission is to fix things so the investors from Universal Systems will back Spacely's investments.

Important technical note for UAE users: use KickStart 1.3 to play this game. Users of real Amigas can use any KickStart. Both should run NoFastMem first..

Download :

  • The Cartoon book in PageStream 2.22 format
  • The Cartoon book in PostScript format

  • The Jetsons (arcade)

    arcade screenshot

    There's also an arcade game, simply called "The Jetsons". This one is badly drawn and a cheap disposable commercial product. It comes on a single 880k disk and requires a joystick. Luckily it also works on UAE.

    For Apple Macintosh

    Mealtime Malfunction

    Mealtime Malfunction screemshot

    This game, produced by Cartoon Network, is all about the kitchen. The applicances go nuts and Rosie has to safe Elroy from being a target for over enthousiastic house hold appliances. The game plays fairly well but is a bit too easy. Only one real level of game play but the graphics are excellent and the sound seems very authentic. Certainly good for a few laughs and worth downloading the whole two-point-thee megabytes. Requires a PowerPC Macintosh.

    Mealtime Malfunction (2300 kb, .SEA.HQX file) can be downloaded for free from the official Cartoon Network Latin America site.

    The Jetsons Spacerace

    Spacerace screemshot

    Developed for Cartoon Network an American company designed the Spacerace game. The object of the game is to bring Elroy, Jane, Judy and Astro to their destinations. In other words: make the journey shown on in the intro of the episodes. Then, take George to his place of work. On the way to the various places hazardous flying saucers have to be avoided and buildings may not be hit. The game is simple yet fun to play. The graphics are very good, the feeling of all characters is very well captured. The sounds are taken from the show and therefore perfect.

    The Spacerace (1300 kb, .SIT.HQX file) can be downloaded for free from the official Hypno site.
    or try the mirror at Cartoon Network Latin America

    For Philips CD-i

    Flintstones Jetsons TIME WARP

    CDi sleeve

    A time machine warps Fred Flintstone into the future and George Jetson into the past! It's a highly original CD-i adventure! With creatures and contraptions truly out of George's and Fred's worlds! Come and play - you make the choices and animated surprises are sure to follow!

    This game is available from CD-ROM guide

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