The Jetsons

They're the Jetsons! They can rocket to the future, they can rocket to the moon, they can work on jupiter, or play on neptune. Machines do the working, machines do run, if they need anything they push a button and it's done. Their house is in the heaven, the free way is in the sky, but their feet are on the ground 'cause they're just regular guys. Judy's got a boyfriend, Elroy's got his theme, Jane's shopping and George has got mister Spacely. They're the Jetsons!

For those who don't know the series, it is like The Flintstones of the future. Even todate the ideas about the future are smart and creative. The Flintstones are fun because of the animal-household-appliances, the Jetsons is fun because of all electronic gadgets.

The Family

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