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Welcome to the Orbit City mall

The Orbit city mall is the place for all Jetson fans to share collector's items and pictures of them. Since most items are from the 60s and 70s they're very hard to get and prices are extremely high. This is certainly not a complete list. CDs and videos are still available (links included on movies page).

Todate some items are still available:

If you have any Jetsons collector's items not on this page please contact me. Items can be just displayed or can be offered for sale. You can either send me scanned pictures or snail mail photographs for me to scan. Pictures can include your E-mail address and/or the address of the place you found the item to help others.

Photographs of more collector's items wanted!

Videos and CDs

episodes on video

the movie on video and CD
These videos have been released in The Netherlands on the "Good View" label. The tapes were sold via the Blokker house-hold chain at very low prices. Each video contains one or two episodes and has Dutch sound instead of the original English track. The movie has been released on video including a movie soundtrack on CD. Both are hard to find since they're getting too old for any store to carry them. So far no Internet music or video store seems to carry either item any more.

Source: ivo@pimpernel.nl (Ivo)
Status: one for sale (PAL VHS)

Source: ivo@pimpernel.nl (Ivo)
Status: not for sale


Elroy T-shirt

Jetson socks
The Elroy T-shirt is an official product with logos from the Jetsons authors. This is the XL model. It was a trial order from a shop nearby, they ordered only one. Fabric quality is very high, as is the print. Only an Elroy shirt is available. The Joy of Socks sells these lovely Jetsons socks. Astro, Jane and Judy are available in the Men's cartoons department.

Source: Haagse Strip Shop for sale from Ivo
Status: for sale at $ 30 (brand new shirt, never worn)

Source: The Joy of Socks
Status: for sale at $ 4.95

Toys / Comic books


rare comic
The dolls are the most wanted Jetson item around. They're known to go for prices Barbie and Ken could get a city of dream houses for. Santa Clause found these at a collector's fair and was kind enough to donate them to me! The very old comics are getting expensive collector's items! Take your chance and get this one!

Source: ivo@pimpernel.nl (Ivo)
Status: not for sale

Source: clubc@gncom.com (Steve Reynolds)
Status: for sale, asking $ 70 (CAN)

board game

This game is great! The Jetsons are lost in space, and it is up to the players to find them. Each player plays the role of his or her favorite Jetsons character and walks to board finding cards of that character to complete the search. Whenever a player hits a Rosie card, all the cards on the board are shuffled. An Orbitty field makes the player leap, an Elroy card is like a wildcard but is also required to complete the game. This lunchbox is featured on the retrospect 70s page that summarizes lunchboxes.

Source: ivo@pimpernel.nl (Ivo)
Status: undecided

Source: Joe Marzella
Status: Sold

I am not responsible in any way for buying or selling items. This site is just a host to offering of items, you contact people personally without my interference

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