The Jetsons photo gallery

George Jetson

He's the main character in every episode making him the easiest person to catch with the video digitizer. Here's a substantial collection of pictures featuring George 'Washtington' Jetson.

Jane Jetson

Jane is the best thing that ever happened to George. She's the perfect mom to her kids, Elroy and Judy. This house wife of the future has never heard of equal rights for women.

Judy Jetson

The most beautiful future teen queen in cartoonland. She's sixteen years old and shares all her secrets with her digital diary named Didi.

Elroy Jetson

Elroy Jetson is clearly the patron saint of the digital age. Good student, scientist and the best son a parent could wish for.


Once known as Tralfaz belonging to the fabulously rich Mr. Gottrockets this dog was found by The Jetsons years ago. Astro is the space age dog of the future and it can even talk! Meet Astro, family dog. Man's best friend.

Rosie the Robot

A domestic robot is essential for any family. Without a robot who will bring up the kids? Teach one how to drive a car? And someone has to press dinner every night. Rosie the robot might be an old model, but she's part of the Jetson family.

Mr. Spacely

Grumpy old man. Click on Spacely to see a gallery dedicated to the meanest boss of the future!

All pictures have thumbnails and downloadable full size JPEG files

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