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George : "Yum, it's been lightyears since you programmed synthetic brownies"

George: "We wouldn't last on unemployment cheques, a 1000 a week doesn't strech very far these days"

Judy : "Daddy, if you dance like that in front of my friends I have to go live in another galaxy. Oh daddy, your dancing went out with pop-up fuels it is practically 20th century"

Jane : "Our home food dispenser broke and I had to wait 20 seconds at the check out counter, such inefficiency"

Spacely : "Are you out of your orbit?!?"

Spacely : "No hurry, any time in the next 5 minutes is fine"

Mrs. Spacely : "Traffic is ticker than a cloud of metiors today"

R.U.D.I. : "I can't stand humans cry it makes my diodes all gooey"

Cogswell : "There's only one thing worse than war and that is business, and Spacely has declared business on us"

Things that came true

The makers of The Jetsons are true visionares. Considering most episodes where made in the 60s and 70s these people had a very keen view on the future. Many things came true. The biggest fault is not forseeing an information based society. Letters are delivered very quickly, but E-mail or an Internet (things that make information more important than matter) where not predicted by The Jetsons. Here's a list of things that came true:

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