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[IMAGE] Yasmine


There used to be much information, many pictures and all kinds of links concerning Yasmine Bleeth on this page. However, I have completely "redone" my homepage and have focused completely on the subject "home-theater" now. But since I know you (also) came for Yasmine, I have placed 2 scanned pictures of Yasmine below. Just click on the photo you like for the "real-size" version. And you can still find here links to other Yasmine-sites...



... Hot links...

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The Official Baywatch Website
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~The Yasmine Bleeth Place~
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Yasmine Bleeth
Yasmine Bleeth Watchtower
Yasmine Bleeth Online (2)
The Yasmine Bleeth Temple

Remember, I am not Yasmine herself, nor do I have (unfortunately) any contact with her...

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