The past months Ive lived an imaginary life in Greenland. Therefore Ive studied a lot about these places here, but Ive never been here in real life before. During these months I have created a detailed image of this area. And now Im finally in the middle of the real thing. Strangely it feels even more unreal than it did in my imagination. It is so much warmer here than I thought it would be and all the snow has melted. It is summer now whereas my avatar arrived here in springtime.

The travel guides write about the musk oxen. They promised me I would meet them. And indeed, I have seen such a gigantic cow! I suspect the guides of fooling me because this cow doesn’t look like a wild animal at all. I bet they put it here for the tourists. I even searched for a chain! This gives a good impression of how spoiled I am. Facts and fantasy leap into each other. Modern aeroplanes help me in this. As it happens It took me only a couple of hours to fly from Copenhagen into this fantasy world. Like the first level of sleep brings you to the REM, the state of dreaming.