How lovely to be taken in to this family life! I had dreamed about this, but didn’t dare to hope for it. The atmosphere in this house is so good that I felt at home within two hours' time. Magdalena showed me her family pictures. Now I know about all the family members. Who is married to whom, how many children they have and where they live. Some nieces came by to visit Magdalena, or where they here to watch the stranger? After dinner we all went all into the living room. The eldest niece played a video she taped on Christmas Eve. It was a Greenland choir dressed in the national costume singing psalms. Magdalena served little toasts with marmalade. “Mamma, mamma!” is what you’re supposed to say while eating. It means you like the taste and you give thanks to the one who takes care. I felt like a little duck when Magdalena nodded approvingly.