It pleased Magdalena that I bought some sealskin remnants. This pleasure turned into total excitement when she found out about my plan to sew some parts together. A tender string was touched. 
From several corners of the house she gathered other parts of sealskin.  She gave me some pieces as a present, including a part of a polar bear's skin. I asked if her husband had shot the bear himself. Magdalena nodded and pointed at my chair. I stood up and saw I had been sitting on the bear's head!

Magdalena has been sowing her whole life. She learned it at the age of seven. I asked her if she had ever sown a national costume with colourful beads. There I touched another tender string! The excitement returned and she showed me several costumes, including the kamikken. I had already used the words kusanaq and kusanartoq so often that I had to find another way to express my admiration. Making pictures of it turned out to be a very good option. Magdalena was so proud of her creations that she loved it when I photographed them. And she confirmed that the Dutch whalers had brought the beads to Sisimiut, as if she had seen it herself.