Eventually I thought you were only traveling in your mind, but your card from Sisimiut proofs that youve actually been there (or havent you??) However, I hope this journey was as beautiful and unforgettable for you as it was for me. Regards, Ronald

  I wish you a very pleasant journey! I started to wonder more and more IS SHE REALLY THERE OR NOT? It restrained me from responding. I wanted to be certain! Upon WHAT was I responding? Upon a Rosanne, whos really making this journey with all those sometimes improbable happenings and situations, or upon your Avatar? Now it is all clear to me and I will certainly continue following you! Eveline

  Avatar? No, for me its the truth and it became a beautiful dream!

  Your stay in Kangerlussuaq reminds me of all the guys told me all the time about being stuck in Dutch Harbor. They were fishermen or technicians in that couldnt fly out of that Aleutian island because of the weather. 

  Im finally going to Reykjavik! This will be my first time outside of America. Im going in November. Nicholas

Dear mister unknown. I received only the first page of your fax. Perhaps you can mail me the rest of your experiences? Im very curious!