Inuvigsiorfik, inufigsiorfik, I said a couple of times while pointing at myself. Perhaps I didnt pronounce the Greenlandic word for birthday the right way, because Klara and Aqqaluk were looking as if I was proclaiming magic formula and then they couldnt stop laughing.

But after this misunderstanding everything changed. Were not friends anymore, even Klara and Aqqaluk are ignoring each other.  The word for birthday is quit similar to the word for being pregnant, so I guess they think Im carrying a little baby inside! Who can be the father; Aqqaluk?

They are observing me. Especially Klara is so interested in the amount of food I consume that I cant get anything trough my throat at all. In history Inuit were known to be unpredictably murderous.  If you were a threat for the family you could suddenly be killed. Even if they used to be your best friends! That worries me.