It feels so stupid not being able to say what you want to say. Even in English Im talking like a six year old. I wished the Dutch whalers had won their fights with the Danish hundred years ago. Greenland would have been a colony of Holland and the Inuit would learn a bit Dutch on their schools today. That would make these conversations a lot easier! Only self-interest of course... If we (or the Danish) cared about the Inuit we would have never gone whaling there in the first place! Or have forgotten about Greenland immediately like Leif the Lucky forgot America when he discovered it five centuries before Christopher Columbus. (Leif's father, Eirik the Red, founded the first Greenlandic colony here just around the corner!) Although Greenlandic is so incredibly difficult to speak, I truly hope the Inuit will keep it as their mother tongue forever. It contains a lot of old roots, which they should cherish forever.