Just go, Rosanne.

  Iris: You must consider if youre the disturbing factor in this. If you are, you must leave. Im no Eskimo-expert but arent they the people with the most bastards? 

  Stay as long as you want. I adore you!  

  Sanne: Run for your life!!!

  I think you must leave this family immediately! Who do you think you are, to abuse their hospitality so shamefully? Are you sure they think you’re pregnant? Isn’t the word 'inuvigsiorfik' similar to 'staying for a whole year' as well? That would explain why they’re observing the amount of food you consume. Their food!

  Hey, Roseanne. Did you have sex with Aqaluk? Is it possible you are pregnant?

  Michael: Why dont you stay till you have your period? It won’t be difficult to show youre not pregnant when youre menstruating…