A very special response from my former schoolmate Sylvia:


  Why send the coordinates? (Answer: It is a bit difficult to be brought back to live without a body. If it would be possible anyway; sign me in!)

  What kind of bullshit is all this?

  Michael: Are those people in cryonics? I'm not sure what to believe anymore. Are that Jerry and Margaret real? Or did you made them up as well? (Answer: Yes Michael, those people are really in cryonics right now!)

  You shouldn't mock death, that's not funny.

  Why do you want to be so artificial? Just let things go naturally. It makes life much easier.

  How do you know the snow isn't going to melt? I thought Greenland is green in summer. (Answer: Iceland is green and Greenland is icy.)

  Jerry: Just go on, Rosanne. You're doing fine.