What is it, why am I so obsessed by the North? I have tried to describe my desires but I couldnít. Itís beyond words, I just have to go.

My heart starts pumping faster when I think about what I will find in the North. Endless plains in virginal white. The silence, the loneliness, the cold. They will bring me closer to myself. The enormous white fields of ice will swallow me till I become part of it. Or it will try to blow me away with a cold blizzard and I will get little slithers of ice in my eyes.

Is it the challenge that drives me crazy? Do I need extreme weather conditions to remember where I stand or do I perhaps feel the urge to show the world how stout I am? Or is it just another kind of escapism, escape from the ordinary? I have always been a runaway girl. Whatever it may be, I have to go. I cannot wait to see the first signs of the arctic around me. I canít wait to come closer.