It was on a Sunday morning that I bought Gerbreyta. 

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She was mine within one hour; an hour later I already had doubts about this impulsive acquisition. But after several knots of sailing, I know better. Gerbreyta has been a good choice. She perhaps isnt the youngest anymore; her feats arent less!

olafsfjordur.gif (76997 bytes) On this map you can see where I bought Gerbreyta. This little harbour named Ólafsfjördur is where I found her. Its situated in the north of Iceland.

I was trekking around there, wondering how to get further north. Then I saw her and immediately knew what to do.

It was not difficult to find the owner, knocking on the door of the nearest house was enough. The old farmer, who had always wanted to be a fisherman, was surprised that I was interested in buying his vessel. He wouldn't think about it at first, so I thought I was wasting my time pressing him. But I couldn’t hide my enthusiasm and said that it would be a shame to keep such a pearl in harbour. He scratched his beard and told me the vessel was mine.

olafsfjordur.jpg (14579 bytes)