Stig's house is absolutely lovely! Itís situated on the foot of a hill, about two kilometers away from the village.
Just the kind of house you would dream of, made of wood and surrounded by nature. Thereís even a little stream beside it! I am glad I could move in, I really am.

Iím getting to know Stig better. He is a bit weird, but okay. Sometimes he can react the total opposite of what I would expect him to do. For example: Yesterday he prepared a tasty diner. It was very romantic, with candlelight and such. We were flirting and giggling like teenagers and became quit close. I expected this to be our first time to end up in bed, but when I came back from bringing the dishes to the kitchen he was gone! This morning I found him. He was lying beside the snow, sleeping off his drunkenness. He could have been frozen to death!