Stig is away on a trip to the icecap for at least three weeks now. I dont mind. If I could have some influence in his planning, I would even choose a whole month.
Its not that I dont like Stig anymore. On the contrary, Im still getting crinkles in my stomach when I smell him. Spending so much time together is just not what I prefer.

Perhaps I became more attached to the house then to Stig himself. He invited me to use the whole building, but gave me the attic to move in. Its good to have a place I can consider my own. Where I can lock the door if I would feel the urge to do so. My attic is a good place to lie down and think about my journey. All my desires, fascinations and everything that went wrong. This is a good place to settle. For the first time in my life I feel I belong somewhere. Not just anywhere. Here in Ilulissat, in Greenland. Here, in my own attic. I am home. As if I always have been.