Angmagssalik is a good place to be. The people are friendly, the weather is fine and the influence of those two things on me is huge. I feel much better right now. Thank goodness the hallucinations are over! It is still a bit scary to be alone; therefore I try to spend as much time as possible with Aqqaluk. It has been very normal for Inuit to have two wives. Or two husbands (for women). Every man needed a woman to do needle work and every woman needed a man to hunt. Both tasks were of vital importance. If your man or woman died and there was no single person left to get united with, you would join a pair. This habit was still in vogue only a few decennia ago! The first time I heard about the old relational formats and sexual habits of the Inuit, I was a bit shocked. But it also fascinated me and it still does. Ive been told that the Inuit dont know jealousy, but I dont believe that anymore. Perhaps they are professionals in hiding it. Well, I dont know if it was jealousy that irritated Klara about me. Whatever it was, Im glad she finally broke the ice. Perhaps Im the one being jealous. Of Naoyak! Doesnt she realize how perfect her life is? She has nothing to fear from and nothing to bother about. Many people who love her surround her. I have left all my family, friends and property for this journey. Seeing what shes got makes me feel what I miss.